Day two outing

Today was FANTASTIC!!!

We were able to go to soooo many places without a hitch!!

I’m starting to anticipate what he needs and when.

I was so proud of myself that I was able to pull it off alone!!!

The best part is, it wasn’t even soooo bad!!

I don’t mind having nobody to talk to, I just talk to Adrian! Hehe

I hope to have the same success tomorrow!


Surviving day ONE

Arnie left for Africa this morning. Which means it’s just me and Adrian for one week. Now that I think about it this the first time we will be left alone just the two of us. We r always alone together but I always feel that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because Arnie is coming. But now the light is soooooooooo far away I can’t even see it yet.

Day one was fine. We brought Arnie to the airport. On our way home we passed by the carwash then home, we walked at 5pm which i haven’t done for along time! for dinner I popped in Ibn batutta in my house shorts and shirt to buy shawarma and I ate it at home, 7aed for dinner was really cheap!!

We were looking forward to video chatting with daddy but I guess his Internet connection is as remote as the place where he is.

Good night daddy! We miss you!!!

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First Step

My baby took his first step last 12 April 2010. Of course he didn’t do it alone we were holding him but he was coming toward me and then to Arnie. Makes me feel sooooo proud!!!!

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Burning love

Yesterday, the stove just magically spoofed fire! Of course there’s an explanation and it was because I was deep frying and some of the oil went into the burner. The first thing I did was to soak a rag with water and threw it on to the stove.

Arnie commended me on my presence of mind which made me a bit proud of myself.

But at that moment I wasn’t thinking straight. Should I take Adrian out? Should I pour water? Should I? Could I? Etc etc

And especially now is really not the right time to have all these things happening because Arnie is leaving for 7 days and I can’t give him any reason to doubt me and my abilities.

God please be with me and look after my little angel always…

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Locked out


While throwing away our garbage this morning, I accidentally locked myself out of the house. Our door is the self locking type, the one that automatically locks when you close the door. And of course I left my cellphone and keys and most especially ADRIAN inside.

Thank you Lord for the security guard from bldg 131, with his phone, I was able to call Arnie.

Good thing too is that we live close to where Arnie works. It only took him 10 mins to get here but that was the longest 10 mins of my life!!! I pressed my ear on the door so I could hear Adrian. In the begining he was playing with his baloon and after a awhile he started crying which made me more anxious.

Lesson learned – always bring keys when I step out of the door OR always take Adrian with me.

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all praises


Everybody is praising my little boy for being a well behaved baby!! It brings joy and pride to my ears!!!

One of the mothers here keeps comparing my kid with hers and her life experiences and although I appreciate the sharing it brings negative thoughts in my head.

ie. “Oh! You feed him Cerelac? He’s never gonna want to eat anything else but that, my son eats so poorly because all he wants to eat is that..

I rest my case…

But still very proud of my little boy!!!

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i thought wrong…

I was excited with the thought of breastfeeding because I thought I would lose the weight I gained from pregnancy and then some. But Adrian is almost 8 months now and I still haven’t lost the weight. What’s worst is even Arnie’s clothes don’t fit me anymore. And now we have this outing with officemates and I’m going to look like a whale!!!

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