Surviving day ONE

Arnie left for Africa this morning. Which means it’s just me and Adrian for one week. Now that I think about it this the first time we will be left alone just the two of us. We r always alone together but I always feel that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel because Arnie is coming. But now the light is soooooooooo far away I can’t even see it yet.

Day one was fine. We brought Arnie to the airport. On our way home we passed by the carwash then home, we walked at 5pm which i haven’t done for along time! for dinner I popped in Ibn batutta in my house shorts and shirt to buy shawarma and I ate it at home, 7aed for dinner was really cheap!!

We were looking forward to video chatting with daddy but I guess his Internet connection is as remote as the place where he is.

Good night daddy! We miss you!!!

mummie nix


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