There might be some possibility for us to travel soon…I don’t want to get all giddy about it because it still is in the planning stages but I’ve already postponed mom and xyn’s trip in August…and Xyn is planning to meet us there…I do hope everything goes into plan, it will be a little bit expensive for us but we might not have an opportunity like this again…

Accomodation is the no. one factor we are worried about when we travel and if we can get that on some one else’s bill that would be awesome…plus we are only paying for me and Adrian, since it’s a business trip Arnie flies for free!!!

I’ve always wanted to go to these places and having my two boys with me will be absolutely awesome!!! will let you know once everything is set…

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Mother’s day

My first mother’s day. I planned to do nothing today and that’s what I am doing! And loving it! Adrian has been weird today, his schedule has been all mixed up! Sleeping by 11 waking up at 6am not eating breakfast, pooping by 12! It’s like he’s not my Adrian!

I wonder what’s wrong with my baby?

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We survived

Was able to manage one week alone with the little one.

It’s just a bit weird that Adrian seems different during the weekends, he cries alot demands attention, it seems very hard to cope with everything.

Wait! I just realized something, maybe it feels difficult for me because I have to do alot with Arnie there. Cooking, washing dishes, taking care of Adrian etc etc and then I see Arnie, sleeping on the couch!!! Hehe

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