European tour busted

I knew it! It was too good to be true.

Arnie’s company cancelled Antwerp and Milan from their itenerary because their documents are in their native language so the auditors will not be able to understand them.

As for the London thing, it might be moved to September. The good thing out of all this, there’s budget for a birthday party for Adrian! But to be honest a first birthday in Antwerp wasn’t looking so bad after all. But! Let’s make lemonade out of lemons! And everything will be alright!!!

Thank you God that I have a wonderful family! That’s all that matters!!!

mummie nix


countdown begins

We submitted our applications today for UK…Hopefully we get it!

Officer says it takes 5-15 days to get the passports back so today is officially DAY ONE!!!

mummie nix

London Babie!!

This is all what I think about all day now!!!! We have an opportunity to go visit the queen (or maybe the guards) but we will not know until we get approved on our visa. Which we will fix on Sunday at the agency…So I don’t want to celebrate or do a press release at FB because it might not push thru!!! Waaaaaaaah!

London bridge is falling down! Babieeeee!!!!!

mummie nix