Coffee Break Interrupted

Since I left Dental Art Clinic and started becoming a full blown housewife, I have not gone out with my friends very often. So imagine my excitement when Ann called to set up a coffee afternoon with Dr. Sherri. Even though it was far away and even if I would have to take a cab to get there I said “Yes!”
We were having a nice time catching up when suddenly Adrian’s school called to tell me that he was sick. Of course I had to cut the date short and run to my son’s aid. But in the cab on the way to school, I realized that my priorities are different now and although Dr. Sherri is a mother herself her kids are all grown up and is not as dependent on her as my little one is to me. Maybe I need new friends that have a little bit more similarities to me if only I knew where to find them! haha

Shake Shack

Shack Shack Burger 35 AED and Fries 12AED
Whenever we find ourselves at Mall of the Emirates and can’t decide where to eat, Our GO TO place has always been here at SHAKE SHACK. We were excited when it first opened here in Dubai because we have read that it was a franchise from NY and the locals take the time to fall in line just to eat their burgers! So we just had to be one of the first ones to try these devils.  I also love how the location and interior is not too intimidating and the staff are all very friendly.

The Grand Gesture

Valentine’s day has come and gone and although we did celebrate it with having a meal my husband and I never really did “celebrate” it like how other couples do. We have no flowers, no stuff animals, and chocolates were once given about 6 years ago, same time he proposed to me. But it was never really a big deal to us. After my grand gesture of buying him a watch, he surprised me with a new iPhone 4s. I actually knew that he had ordered it already but all the while I thought it was for him. Then yesterday he told me that the phone was really mine. I was really excited at first but because I have expected it to be his and believe me he really deserves a new phone I felt that it was the selfless thing of me to do is to let him have it. Maybe age has matured me a little or maybe I’m just less selfish now but whatever it is I’m truly happy for husband and his new friend SIRI.

Weekend at the Park

What I love about the transition of the weather from winter to summer is that it is the perfect weather for a day at the park. This particular weekend, we spent two consecutive days at the park. My husband and I are not “avid” park goers we don’t understand how can some couples just sit there and do nothing but stare at each other. Maybe we’ve just been together for so long that spending time with each other with no laptops, Ipads or Iphones just scares us to death. Is that so sad? haha well it works for us so we must be doing something right.
Our first park was the Safa Park it’s a very big park so you’re sure that everybody has their own space and you won’t feel cramped. We brought my son’s tricycle so he went crazy riding his tricycle around the park.
The next day we met up with some friends at Al Barsha Park, they also have a two year old so it was like a play date with mommy’s bonding session on the side, while the dads watch the kids roam the park. They have a bike lane and runner’s lane that is padded and they also have two playgrounds which is divided among big kids and smaller ones which I appreciated because at least I know that my kid is not being bullied by bigger ones in the play area. The park is free for everyone but is not crowded at all. It is situated around a man made lake which makes it a refreshing place to just sit and talk amongst friends.
I wish I can say that we shall be going to the park every weekend from now on but I guess we are creatures of habit, and our habit is to stay home or go to the malls.

EDO Cafe

Back home I’ve been hearing alot of good things about Mochi ice cream especially how good and yummy it is. Unfortunately, when we were home last year I still was not able to try these tasty delights! So imagine my surprise when I saw from an episode of Out & About that featured these yummy beauties.



After a little persuasion, my husband gave in and agreed to go to the very very far Mirdiff City Centre. We easily found the cafe but it looked a bit out of place, with the arcade and the bowling alley right beside and opposite it accordingly makes it a rather noisy place to dine. When the owners of the cafe seem to be evoking an ambiance of peace and tranquility.
But more important than the ambiance are those mochi ice cream balls! At first I was thinking 3 balls will not suffice for a pregnant lady like me but I assure you 3 is enough! We tried the Mango, Strawberry Cheesecake and Milk chocolate. My fave was the Mango followed by the Cheesecake, the Milk chocolate I can do without! They have alot more flavors of mochi to offer which I will be looking forward to tasting every time we get to go to that mall which is described in our house as the mall from far far away!

22 weeks and counting


By June I’m going to be a proud momma of another bouncing baby boy! And as early as now, I’m stressing myself and my husband on what name we should give our child. My boys are the only heir to the family’s last name, which means that they are the only boys in the family that will carry my husband’s last name. Which in our culture is very important. My first son was named after my husband’s father. His name starts with an “A”, my husband’s name starts with an “A” so to continue the trend, we want to name the little one with an “A” as well.

These are the two names I like:

Andrei \a-nd-rei, an-drei\ as a boy’s name is a variant of Andre (French) and Andrew (Greek), and the meaning of Andrei is “man, warrior”.


Aiden \a(i)-den\ as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Aiden), is a variant of Aidan (Gaelic), and the meaning of Aiden is “fire”.


Husband likes the Aiden route but spelled as ADEN he said this is based on the gulf of ADEN which is located in the Arabian sea between Yemen and Somalia.

Surprise! Surprise!

Living with a limited income presents a challenge especially when it’s time for gift giving to the husband and Valentine’s day was no exception. My husband never buys anything for himself, as a proof he still uses my hand me down cellphone from 2008. So when he or my 2 year old destroyed his watch i thought that it would be a nice opportunity for me to buy him a new one. He did choose one that was reasonably priced but I felt that he deserved a more expensive one for taking such good care of us. This is what i picked out.


I did have some money set aside for a “rainy” day so I didn’t hesitate to spend it on him. I waited for us to finish dinner and finish our chores and I asked my toddler to give the present to his daddy. My husband was surprised and appreciated our special gesture. I love that we were able to surprise him and that he loved his watch. Happy Valentine’s my hubby! Thanks for taking such good care and providing for us. We love you!