Gourmet Burger Kitchen

For my first blog entry I would like to review a restaurant that is considered as one of the best burger places in Dubai.

Service was very friendly and the staff was very understanding with my toddler running all over the place. My husband ordered the Jamaican Burger which from observing how fast my husband gobbled the burger in less than 10 minutes makes me think that the burger was needless to say “YUMMY”.
I on the other hand was feeling a bit bloated with my 21 weeks old baby in my tummy and was not in the mood for a burger and ordered the Quesidilla instead. It was good! My toddler even enjoyed it. The fries was OK, but I did notice that they had a variety of sauces to go (at 3aed each)with it but I didn’t order any, maybe next time.
If you are familiar with eating with a toddler then you know it doesn’t last for longer than 30 minutes. So after our “rushed” post-valentine date, we asked for our bill. It was reasonable for 109aed, for two entrees, 2 drinks and a side order of fries.

We like coming back to GBK and we will most definitely come back again and again and again.


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