Surprise! Surprise!

Living with a limited income presents a challenge especially when it’s time for gift giving to the husband and Valentine’s day was no exception. My husband never buys anything for himself, as a proof he still uses my hand me down cellphone from 2008. So when he or my 2 year old destroyed his watch i thought that it would be a nice opportunity for me to buy him a new one. He did choose one that was reasonably priced but I felt that he deserved a more expensive one for taking such good care of us. This is what i picked out.


I did have some money set aside for a “rainy” day so I didn’t hesitate to spend it on him. I waited for us to finish dinner and finish our chores and I asked my toddler to give the present to his daddy. My husband was surprised and appreciated our special gesture. I love that we were able to surprise him and that he loved his watch. Happy Valentine’s my hubby! Thanks for taking such good care and providing for us. We love you!

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