22 weeks and counting


By June I’m going to be a proud momma of another bouncing baby boy! And as early as now, I’m stressing myself and my husband on what name we should give our child. My boys are the only heir to the family’s last name, which means that they are the only boys in the family that will carry my husband’s last name. Which in our culture is very important. My first son was named after my husband’s father. His name starts with an “A”, my husband’s name starts with an “A” so to continue the trend, we want to name the little one with an “A” as well.

These are the two names I like:

Andrei \a-nd-rei, an-drei\ as a boy’s name is a variant of Andre (French) and Andrew (Greek), and the meaning of Andrei is “man, warrior”.


Aiden \a(i)-den\ as a boy’s name (also used as girl’s name Aiden), is a variant of Aidan (Gaelic), and the meaning of Aiden is “fire”.


Husband likes the Aiden route but spelled as ADEN he said this is based on the gulf of ADEN which is located in the Arabian sea between Yemen and Somalia.

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