The Grand Gesture

Valentine’s day has come and gone and although we did celebrate it with having a meal my husband and I never really did “celebrate” it like how other couples do. We have no flowers, no stuff animals, and chocolates were once given about 6 years ago, same time he proposed to me. But it was never really a big deal to us. After my grand gesture of buying him a watch, he surprised me with a new iPhone 4s. I actually knew that he had ordered it already but all the while I thought it was for him. Then yesterday he told me that the phone was really mine. I was really excited at first but because I have expected it to be his and believe me he really deserves a new phone I felt that it was the selfless thing of me to do is to let him have it. Maybe age has matured me a little or maybe I’m just less selfish now but whatever it is I’m truly happy for husband and his new friend SIRI.


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