Nail Biting moment

Our 2 year old had a school interview today at Regent International School which made me and the DH very nervous. Firstly, I wasn’t sure if my son will cooperate with the interviewers or answer them properly so that they can understand him. You see this is is not our first rodeo, he has gone to an interview before at The Winchester School but that’s why this interview scared me because at Winchester, he was not responding very well to the interviewer that they even asked me if someone has suggested to me that he needs speech therapy or special attention needs not really what one mother would like to hear.
They called the students to a classroom by batches and observed them playing and communicating with the teachers. Thankfully, mine was so used to having British teachers that he felt right at home communicating with them. All the parents were waiting outside the classroom trying to take a peek inside to see how their child was doing and I could hear my Adrian showing of his knowledge of colors and vehicles shouting at the top of his lungs “SCHOOL BUS!, YELLOW!”
It was a proud moment for me!

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