Rocking Chairs vs Recliners

We are currently in the hunt for a chair comfortable enough for me to breastfeed my upcoming baby in. First, I was begging for a rocking chair with a foot rest so I can relax my feet. And then….we discovered the RECLINER! and my world just turned upside down!!! You can actually live in it!!! I swear it’s what every pregnant woman NEEDS! With my aching back and uncomfortable sitting position in the couch and on bed, the recliner is the ONLY solution. It does look bulky and it does not blend in any of our furniture but I DON’T CARE!!!! I WANT IT!!!! I NEED IT!!!!

Barry’s Bench Tex-Mex and Grill

The odd thing about my second pregnancy are my cravings. With my first born I was craving for Asian food, which I could understand because I’m Asian in a Middle Eastern city. But this time around I’m craving for MEXICAN food! I can eat it every day! Unfortunately, dear husband does it like it so much so we have to compromise, eat at fast food places so he gets to eat other kinds of food.
One of the Mexican fast food places available here is Barry’s Bench Tex-Mex and Grill Express. The reviews from other customers are not so good. But for a pregnant lady craving for anything Mexican this is the next best thing.
Steak Tacos 26 AED
Steak Quesadilla 32 AED


Barry’s Bench Restaurant in Times Square Centre, SheikhZayed Road

A Las Vegas Wedding


Aren’t they just a lovely couple? We are suppose to be in Vegas attending my cousin’s wedding. But I guess God has other plans for us. I must admit the first thought that went into my head when I saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test was “Oh crap! We have to cancel our US trip”. But I know that God always sees the bigger picture and that he has a different plan for us. Maybe when the boys are bigger and when they can appreciate the art of travel that’s when we will visit them.
I do wish them all the best and a happy life together. Love you guys!


Living in the Middle East and being Asian is not so hard, with the diversity of cultures in Dubai I don’t seem to miss Filipino food at all. But being pregnant makes you crave for irrational things. My latest food craving is called TARO PUFF.
Crispy Chicken Yam Floss Dumpling 22 AED; Mixed Seafood Dumpling 25 AED; Stir Fried Rice with Chicken 32 AED
Taro dumpling Taro dumpling, or also known as crispy taro turnover, is made from a thick layer of taro that has been boiled and mashed. The filling is made from seasoned ground pork. The dumpling is deep fried, and the outermost layer of taro becomes crisp, light, and fluffy.
It’s not a very common dumpling so not all Chinese Restaurants have them. So imagine my delight when I heard that they have it here. It was so good, it made me very happy! I must say that this will not be the last time that I will be visiting DA SHI DAI. Click on the link to know more about them.