Give thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD!


Just when I thought that I will never find the perfect Doctor who will help me with my delivery He sends me into the office of Dr. Britt Clausson of The City Hospital. Unlike others before her, she took the time to get to know ME, my medical history and what I plan for my unborn child. It felt like I was going to a friend and not a professional who is paid to do all these things for me. I got so emotional my tears started streaming down my face while we were doing our consult, If only she knew the hardships I’ve been through these past few months and how happy I was that finally I’m with someone whom I trust and really care for me.
A brief background: With my first born, I went home to the Philipppines to deliver my baby, there I was taken cared of by my uncle who is an OBGYN and I was surrounded by family so there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be just fine. This time around, I’m giving birth here, where the only referrals I get for OBGYNs are what I have read from expatmum or from friends. So I thought that theservice, if we may call it that, or the care that I was getting from my previous doctors were normal.
I never knew that there was so much warmth and genuine care available to me out there, even to someone as insignificant as lil ol me
From our consult we were able to schedule our date of delivery which will be on 13 June 2012 and her nurse and I were able to book appointments with the anesthesiologist 3 days before my delivery to have my consult with him regarding the procedure.
I left the hospital feeling happy and satisfied! Now, I can’t wait to have my delivery which will be in approximately 14 days from now.

Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken

This is one of our favorite eating spots almost like a comfort zone if you may and I can’t believe I have not blogged about it! We love it so much that when we were in the UK we ate here 2x in one weekend. Aside from the fact that we were in a unfamiliar place with unfamiliar restaurants we were kind of happy to see a familiar logo.


We had the same feeling when we visited Sharjah hungry and tired we were excited to see the famous chicken logo.

We’ve tried quite a lot from their menu, well I have, hubby always orders the 1/4 chicken with two sides, he’s a creature of comfort and don’t like trying new things very much, I on the other hand will try anything once!


You can order their chicken depending on the level of heat you want them to prepare it for you there’s:

I think hubby tried the mild Peri-Peri before and he never did it again! haha too much for the big guy! I on the other hand always get the Lemon & Herb.

My son, being his father’s son loves the chicken as well, and can almost finish one order of the 1/4, I give him another month or so… haha

Nando’s have a number of branches across the UAE here’s their official website so you can check out which one is closest to you http://www.nandos.ae/ I hope you enjoy this place as much as we do!

Field Trip to Sharjah

With our two year old getting restless by the minute, going to the mall is simply not an option we would like to take every weekend. He gets very impatient when I try to shop and we always end up in some kind of  a version of a tantrum every single time. Maybe this is partly because his movements are restricted in the mall, since there’s so many people we always keep him at bay and we always tell him “NO!” Being my son, he hates being told what NOT to do so he gets very frustrated.  So for this weekend my DH tried to find us a new place for us to go and a new activity for us to do. Somewhere that will allow my son to roam and we or him won’t be in such a stress running after him. And what better place to do that than in a old airport which is now turned into a museum.


me and my son
There is this museum in Sharjah, called Al Mahatta Museum, it was the first airport in the Gulf region and they have turned it into an exhibit of old airplanes they used in Gulf Aviation.
My son, being the lover of anything that moves, trains, buses, cars, and of course planes was in 7th heaven when we entered the exhibit! And since it’s not really a popular weekend hunt for people here in Dubai there were, I think 7 families all in all. Which made us happy because it meant that our little one can roam the space and we didn’t have to worry that he was bothering anyone else.
After our museum tour, we were still not finish with Sharjah, we decided to go to Al Qasba which is described as a waterfront destination that stretches along the lively banks of Qasba canal. It was a nice and relaxing place. I especially loved having those dining restaurants along the canal where you can just sit and people watch while you have some coffee. It was really something to experience.
My DH with our little rascal.
At both ends of the place there was a carnival atmosphere with various mechanical rides for the kids to enjoy and a padded play ground for the smaller kids as well. This made my DS very happy! He was having a lot of fun even if he wasn’t riding on the rides (he was still too young/small), but this didn’t stop him from screaming with delight while watching the big kids enjoy their mechanical rides.
All in all it was a FUN family field trip day to Sharjah! In spite of me waddling along while I follow them around and having to sit maybe 2 to 3 times because I was feeling tired.

Can’t wait to have 2 rascals to run around with. Hopefully we get to do more things like this. The mall is great but I think from now on that’s gonna be a mommy only zone! No kids allowed! hahaha

37 Life Lessons for my sons


I’ve always dreamed of having two boys, with my first born Adrian Alfred and the birth of my son Aden Luke in June 2012, that dream will be a reality. So when I saw this on PINTEREST I just knew I had to keep a copy for myself and my boys.
from the blog of http://www.busykidshappymom.org/2011/09/life-lessons-for-my-kids-notes-from-mom.html
Life Lessons for My Sons – notes from mom

My list of life lessons I want to teach my children.  

1. Don’t let a day go by without doing something for someone else.  It’s as easy as holding the door for someone.  It makes them happy and makes you happy too.

2. When you’re in your twenties – you’re still learning and growing.  You’ll understand in your 30’s.

3. Invite the new kid to sit with you on the bus or eat with you at lunch.

4. Be creative!  You grew up with a mom wielding a glue gun and a dad who constructed Lego creations and drew you pictures.

5. Be passionate about your job.  You don’t have to keep the same one the rest of your life, but like what you do.

6. We all have to do the grunt work sometimes.  It doesn’t matter how educated you are or how much money you have.

7. Be active in your own life.  Don’t let it pass you by.

8. Dumb actions early in life can alter your ability to get the job you’d like in the future.

9. Go on vacation with your family at least once a year.  Families need to learn how to vacation with one another.

10. Always send thank you notes (that you’ve written).

11. Live without debt.  Money problems ruin marriages, friendships, and jobs.

12. Treat the waitress with respect.

13. Do not settle for a spouse.  Wait.  God has just the right one for you and we’ve been praying for her.

14. Sex is great – just save it for the one you love!

15. Depression is hard to handle.  If you struggle with it, learn how to deal with it and get help.

16. Having a relationship with God is important.  One way to continue to grow and learn is by being active in your church.

17. Laugh!  It’s the best stress reliever.

18. Understanding The Five Love Languages is a simple way to have a healthy relationship with your spouse.

19. Be mindful of what you watch on TV or the internet.  Too much of a bad thing is bad.

20. Everyone needs to have boundaries in their relationships.  It’s too easy to get pulled in every direction.

21. You don’t need alcohol, drugs, or cigarettes to have a good time.

22. The best thing you can do for your children is to love your spouse.

23. No fish handshakes!  Have a firm handshake, it shows your confidence.

24. Work Hard, Play Hard.

25. Be careful about engaging in emotional relationships with women who are not your wife.

26. Give back to your community.  While you’re doing good for others, it really does the most for you!

27. Try to use your time wisely.  Too much free time is not productive.28. Life, love, and relationships are not like the movies.  Neither is sex.

29. Lending someone money can ruin a perfectly good relationship and your bank account.

30. This will go against our “give it your best all the time” talk – give 90% at work and save 10% for home.  Your family deserves some of your best too.

31. Wear Sunscreen.  Trust me.

32. Remember compliments you receive.  Forget the insults.

33. Using good manners and being respectful can help you land your dream job.

34. You’ve been given some great gifts and talents.  Find time to nurture them.

35. Mental health days are good for the soul.

36.  Choose a spouse that is also your best friend.  That will make you happiest in the end.

37. Call your mom.

Dear Boys,

I can’t believe I left this one off….YOU are loved unconditionally!  Nothing you could ever do or say would make me stop loving you!Of all the boys in the world, I’m glad God gave me YOU to be my sons!

Love, Mom

http://www.busykidshappymom.org/2011/09/life-lessons-for-my-kids-notes-from-mom.html for this post – I hope you don’t mind! 

Mang Inasal

What I love most about Filipino gatherings are the abundance of food! I think I have never ever attended a Filipino gathering where there was a shortage of food. Of course the normal catching up with friends were present and the kids playing amongst themselves was a nice break for me and the DH.
This time around our host, hosted a party at Mr. Inasal. This is not our first time here nor it is our first party the free parking helps a lot with the convenience factor especially in Satwa where parking can be a headache. There’s a special place allotted for parties and the space is very spacious, I think the sound system is included in the fee when you book the place for a party. These were the food that we feasted on:

Chicken skin and Spring rolls
Plain Rice and Fried Rice
Kare – Kare


and of course, Chicken Inasal
Mr. Inasal
Al Bada St. Satwa, Beside West Zone Supermarket, in front of Philippine Medical Center, near Iranian HospitalDubai 12345+971505098462
HoursMon-Fri: 5pm-10pm
Sat: 5pm-11pm
Closed Sundays


Just came from the hospital today for my 35th week check up…From now on, my check ups will be weekly until the day I deliver. Now, since we go to this Dr. that does not deliver herself we have to be referred to another Dr. and personally when you say “refer” I was thinking-formal letter to the delivering Doctor with specifications of my ante-natal check ups lab results and other specific information. Of course I was wrong! She just said a bunch of names that I should call and a couple of hospitals that maybe she thinks will suit our budget but nothing specific….
To make me feel more nervous she tells me that by this time, I should have already scheduled my delivery and already talked to a delivering Doctor I wanted to tell her that I was not informed of these! I did try to go to the hospital ask someone there they said I should not worry! Who do I have to talk to, to get answers? The Director himself? It’s frustrating because I consider myself as a very diligent patient whenI’m told to do something, I do it. But this type of treatment just made me feel like just another number.
Mind you, Emirates Hospital at the Marina is not a cheap looking clinic in fact it’s very posh and upscale that I was expecting a little bit more attention to my needs. I don’t mean to sound like a Prima Donna but I just wish that they gave me a little bit more care.
Next week for my 36th week appointment I’m seeing this Swedish Doctor from City Hospital, 1st impression from the call for the appointment they look and seem very professional, they got all my information and even my insurance to heck if I was covered under their care. Now that’s a good sign of good, quality service. I just hope I don’t get disappointed anymore…I’m 5 weeks due and have no more time or energy to get disappointed.

Terrible Threes

I’ve heard of the terrible twos but the terrible threes??? People say that it’s much much worst than the twos! and if what we are experiencing now is just an introduction of things to come then we are in it BIG TIME!


Just the other day, get ready for this, this is gonna be a long one! We were having our normal Thursday routine wherein we have dinner out and go around at the mall. The only difference this time was that he was not able to take his nap, I know! my fault. It was such a struggle I thought my water will break from all the stress that it was causing me!


First he wouldn’t sit on his car seat, which up until now was a very easy process. No. 2 he wouldn’t settle in the restaurant, not even an iPhone or a toy car could stop him from crying. Then the food came and he was fine, when he was full his dad and him went out for a walk, i thought Thank God it’s over! But when it was time to put him back into the car another struggle! But this time I opted to sit with him at the back because I know he was sleepy and I can help him with that. On the ride home he fell asleep, so thinking that the coast was clear DH decided it was time to buy me my “reward for good behavior” so we stopped by at the mall. When it was time to get out of the car, he woke up! Still thinking that this was gonna be fine I ventured on, my mistake. He didn’t want to enter the mall, thus the crying…people were starring and judging but I couldn’t care less! Let  he who has not had a temper tantrum child throw the first stone! My son likes books, so I was able to calm him down with some sticker books or so I thought! When all of this subsided and I was able to buy my laptop it was time to go home and this time he wouldn’t have it! aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Hubby was so frustrated he vowed (again) never to take him out! Until at the elevator ride home he was crying but I just wanted to get inside the house as fast as I can where I know I am safe and that I know that things will eventually calm down. and it did.
The calm after the storm-helping mommy set up her new laptop.
I found this article online and it kind of helps me a little understand what my DS is going through, If you are going through the same thing just click the link and I hope it helps