Sugar Babe

I spent the morning in the hospital today. I had to take aglucose tolerance test which made me stay there for almost 3 hours without taking any food or water. I’m very nervous about the outcome of this test because I read from the Internet that sometimes pregnant women with high sugar level can cause the child to have malformations or birth defects. If my baby is born with something wrong with him that I caused him, I will NEVER forgive myself.
On another note, DH greeted me this morning with the news that he has decided when we should have our baby, which is on June 15. I like having him make decisions like this, I like depending on him on everything because although I will never tell him to his face, I think he’s very smart and makes his decisions based on logic and not on emotion. At the same time, I think he respects and listens to me when I air my concerns about things, what I like the most is when he explains to people why we made a certain decision that was based on my concerns. It makes me feel like I was part of the big decision!
The DH took care of DS the whole morning and I’m really happy that they didn’t seem to have any trouble. They were having such a good time together that they are still at it while I enjoy my blogging and watching my History channel.
It was a nice weekend all in all.

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