Speed Bump Ahead

Another speed bump to my road to delivery here in Dubai. I feel like I must explain the situation first.
Not all hospitals and not all Dr’s (OBs) here in Dubai can or have the license to deliver babies. You can come to them for your antenatal check ups but when delivery time comes you must go or you get referred to one of these licensed doctors.
My first doctor, Dr. Ghassan Lotfi has a license to deliver the baby at the hospital that I wanted which was MEDCARE Hospital so while I was with him things were smooth sailing. I was a happy pregnant lady. Then I got the call that he left Emirates Hospital (Panic Mode).
I tried shopping around for other OBs but I settled for another one of his colleagues from the same non-delivering hospital, Emirates Hospital. This new Dr. Ghada Aldaheen advertised from their websites that she does the delivery herself so I was quite happy with that.


Normal & instrumental deliveries, elective & emergency cesarean sections

When I met with Dr. Ghada, I immediately asked her about the delivery and she said she’s not licensed YET but if by the time that I am due to deliver and she gets her license she will be the one to deliver my baby. Which did not settle with me at all…is she? is she not???? You see, All I wanted was to see a Dr that will handle my predelivery, delivery and post delivery needs. I don’t want to be passed on to the next one like a piece of meat.
And then I got a call from the reception that she is going on a leave for 15 days and they had to move up my schedule. Since I need to see someone every two weeks and she won’t be here for one of them I opted to look for a new OB.
With the advice from a friend I booked an appointment at the Medcare Hospital, where I was initially planning on delivering my baby. All was fine until reception called me again today moving up my appointment and I just mentioned in passing that I was due next month. She starts telling me that my particular Dr, Dr Luthra  do not accept new patients who are due in a month, this made my hormones go crazy!!!!! I started crying on the phone, I didn’t know what to do…I felt so helpless!

Why is it so hard to find an OB who will deliver my baby? It’s not as if I’m asking them to do it for free?

As always DH calmed me down, we decided to go back to Emirates Hospital and get an appointment with another OB there and just face the fact that we will be referred to someone that I will never meet. What he said that calmed me down was that I was not the first patient they have done this to and this is their policy so he was sure that things will go smoothly. I guess in a way that’s how my DH is my night and shinning armour.
I hope he’s right because I don’t think I can take anymore of this.

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