The Avengers

If you are expecting me to review the movie, please move on!

This is our first movie since…I honestly can’t remember what the title of our last movie was, all I can remember was that my 2 year old was walking in the dark all over the place that DH vowed never again and never again we did. This time DH was giving hints all week that he wanted to watch The Avengers movie that I tried to make the effort to prepare my DS for it. First was I didn’t let him take a nap, but he did (only for 30 mins) then he attended school, when they got home after school and work we had dinner. At the movies I made sure he got his big tub of popcorn and his orange slurpee which he is beginning to love.

I’m happy to report my tactics was a success! He was asleep within 15 mins after the movie started and DH and I was able to watch the movie in peace…until the next one!!!


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