Terrible Threes

I’ve heard of the terrible twos but the terrible threes??? People say that it’s much much worst than the twos! and if what we are experiencing now is just an introduction of things to come then we are in it BIG TIME!


Just the other day, get ready for this, this is gonna be a long one! We were having our normal Thursday routine wherein we have dinner out and go around at the mall. The only difference this time was that he was not able to take his nap, I know! my fault. It was such a struggle I thought my water will break from all the stress that it was causing me!


First he wouldn’t sit on his car seat, which up until now was a very easy process. No. 2 he wouldn’t settle in the restaurant, not even an iPhone or a toy car could stop him from crying. Then the food came and he was fine, when he was full his dad and him went out for a walk, i thought Thank God it’s over! But when it was time to put him back into the car another struggle! But this time I opted to sit with him at the back because I know he was sleepy and I can help him with that. On the ride home he fell asleep, so thinking that the coast was clear DH decided it was time to buy me my “reward for good behavior” so we stopped by at the mall. When it was time to get out of the car, he woke up! Still thinking that this was gonna be fine I ventured on, my mistake. He didn’t want to enter the mall, thus the crying…people were starring and judging but I couldn’t care less! Let  he who has not had a temper tantrum child throw the first stone! My son likes books, so I was able to calm him down with some sticker books or so I thought! When all of this subsided and I was able to buy my laptop it was time to go home and this time he wouldn’t have it! aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Hubby was so frustrated he vowed (again) never to take him out! Until at the elevator ride home he was crying but I just wanted to get inside the house as fast as I can where I know I am safe and that I know that things will eventually calm down. and it did.
The calm after the storm-helping mommy set up her new laptop.
I found this article online and it kind of helps me a little understand what my DS is going through, If you are going through the same thing just click the link and I hope it helps




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