Just came from the hospital today for my 35th week check up…From now on, my check ups will be weekly until the day I deliver. Now, since we go to this Dr. that does not deliver herself we have to be referred to another Dr. and personally when you say “refer” I was thinking-formal letter to the delivering Doctor with specifications of my ante-natal check ups lab results and other specific information. Of course I was wrong! She just said a bunch of names that I should call and a couple of hospitals that maybe she thinks will suit our budget but nothing specific….
To make me feel more nervous she tells me that by this time, I should have already scheduled my delivery and already talked to a delivering Doctor I wanted to tell her that I was not informed of these! I did try to go to the hospital ask someone there they said I should not worry! Who do I have to talk to, to get answers? The Director himself? It’s frustrating because I consider myself as a very diligent patient whenI’m told to do something, I do it. But this type of treatment just made me feel like just another number.
Mind you, Emirates Hospital at the Marina is not a cheap looking clinic in fact it’s very posh and upscale that I was expecting a little bit more attention to my needs. I don’t mean to sound like a Prima Donna but I just wish that they gave me a little bit more care.
Next week for my 36th week appointment I’m seeing this Swedish Doctor from City Hospital, 1st impression from the call for the appointment they look and seem very professional, they got all my information and even my insurance to heck if I was covered under their care. Now that’s a good sign of good, quality service. I just hope I don’t get disappointed anymore…I’m 5 weeks due and have no more time or energy to get disappointed.

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