Mang Inasal

What I love most about Filipino gatherings are the abundance of food! I think I have never ever attended a Filipino gathering where there was a shortage of food. Of course the normal catching up with friends were present and the kids playing amongst themselves was a nice break for me and the DH.
This time around our host, hosted a party at Mr. Inasal. This is not our first time here nor it is our first party the free parking helps a lot with the convenience factor especially in Satwa where parking can be a headache. There’s a special place allotted for parties and the space is very spacious, I think the sound system is included in the fee when you book the place for a party. These were the food that we feasted on:

Chicken skin and Spring rolls
Plain Rice and Fried Rice
Kare – Kare


and of course, Chicken Inasal
Mr. Inasal
Al Bada St. Satwa, Beside West Zone Supermarket, in front of Philippine Medical Center, near Iranian HospitalDubai 12345+971505098462
HoursMon-Fri: 5pm-10pm
Sat: 5pm-11pm
Closed Sundays

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