Field Trip to Sharjah

With our two year old getting restless by the minute, going to the mall is simply not an option we would like to take every weekend. He gets very impatient when I try to shop and we always end up in some kind of  a version of a tantrum every single time. Maybe this is partly because his movements are restricted in the mall, since there’s so many people we always keep him at bay and we always tell him “NO!” Being my son, he hates being told what NOT to do so he gets very frustrated.  So for this weekend my DH tried to find us a new place for us to go and a new activity for us to do. Somewhere that will allow my son to roam and we or him won’t be in such a stress running after him. And what better place to do that than in a old airport which is now turned into a museum.


me and my son
There is this museum in Sharjah, called Al Mahatta Museum, it was the first airport in the Gulf region and they have turned it into an exhibit of old airplanes they used in Gulf Aviation.
My son, being the lover of anything that moves, trains, buses, cars, and of course planes was in 7th heaven when we entered the exhibit! And since it’s not really a popular weekend hunt for people here in Dubai there were, I think 7 families all in all. Which made us happy because it meant that our little one can roam the space and we didn’t have to worry that he was bothering anyone else.
After our museum tour, we were still not finish with Sharjah, we decided to go to Al Qasba which is described as a waterfront destination that stretches along the lively banks of Qasba canal. It was a nice and relaxing place. I especially loved having those dining restaurants along the canal where you can just sit and people watch while you have some coffee. It was really something to experience.
My DH with our little rascal.
At both ends of the place there was a carnival atmosphere with various mechanical rides for the kids to enjoy and a padded play ground for the smaller kids as well. This made my DS very happy! He was having a lot of fun even if he wasn’t riding on the rides (he was still too young/small), but this didn’t stop him from screaming with delight while watching the big kids enjoy their mechanical rides.
All in all it was a FUN family field trip day to Sharjah! In spite of me waddling along while I follow them around and having to sit maybe 2 to 3 times because I was feeling tired.

Can’t wait to have 2 rascals to run around with. Hopefully we get to do more things like this. The mall is great but I think from now on that’s gonna be a mommy only zone! No kids allowed! hahaha


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