Nando’s Peri-Peri Chicken

This is one of our favorite eating spots almost like a comfort zone if you may and I can’t believe I have not blogged about it! We love it so much that when we were in the UK we ate here 2x in one weekend. Aside from the fact that we were in a unfamiliar place with unfamiliar restaurants we were kind of happy to see a familiar logo.


We had the same feeling when we visited Sharjah hungry and tired we were excited to see the famous chicken logo.

We’ve tried quite a lot from their menu, well I have, hubby always orders the 1/4 chicken with two sides, he’s a creature of comfort and don’t like trying new things very much, I on the other hand will try anything once!


You can order their chicken depending on the level of heat you want them to prepare it for you there’s:

I think hubby tried the mild Peri-Peri before and he never did it again! haha too much for the big guy! I on the other hand always get the Lemon & Herb.

My son, being his father’s son loves the chicken as well, and can almost finish one order of the 1/4, I give him another month or so… haha

Nando’s have a number of branches across the UAE here’s their official website so you can check out which one is closest to you I hope you enjoy this place as much as we do!

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