Give thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD!


Just when I thought that I will never find the perfect Doctor who will help me with my delivery He sends me into the office of Dr. Britt Clausson of The City Hospital. Unlike others before her, she took the time to get to know ME, my medical history and what I plan for my unborn child. It felt like I was going to a friend and not a professional who is paid to do all these things for me. I got so emotional my tears started streaming down my face while we were doing our consult, If only she knew the hardships I’ve been through these past few months and how happy I was that finally I’m with someone whom I trust and really care for me.
A brief background: With my first born, I went home to the Philipppines to deliver my baby, there I was taken cared of by my uncle who is an OBGYN and I was surrounded by family so there was no doubt in my mind that I was going to be just fine. This time around, I’m giving birth here, where the only referrals I get for OBGYNs are what I have read from expatmum or from friends. So I thought that theservice, if we may call it that, or the care that I was getting from my previous doctors were normal.
I never knew that there was so much warmth and genuine care available to me out there, even to someone as insignificant as lil ol me
From our consult we were able to schedule our date of delivery which will be on 13 June 2012 and her nurse and I were able to book appointments with the anesthesiologist 3 days before my delivery to have my consult with him regarding the procedure.
I left the hospital feeling happy and satisfied! Now, I can’t wait to have my delivery which will be in approximately 14 days from now.

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