The ONE Deli

That’s a given fact. So when I read about this breakfast deal, I had to ask the hubby for us to go…
Eggs Benedict, Corned beef hash, and Orange Juice


In the span of this promo we have eaten here twice! The first time I tried the eggs benedict, I have to say this was only my second time to try this and now I remember why, I don’t like it so much. Hubby got the corned beef hash which was their best seller according to the staff that waited on us.

The French Toast

Smoked Salmon Blinis
Our next visit at The One Deli I had the Smoked Salmon Blinis, Hubby had the Corned Beef Hash (again) and my mom had The French Toast. Which did not disappoint.
I like the ambiance of the Deli very much it makes me feel relaxed but when my little monster starts roaming the showroom I get nervous because he might get into a very expensive accident.
The One Deli is inside their showroom at the Jumeirah 1 Store beside the Jumeirah Mosque.


The day has finally come. We were at the hospital by 6AM and I was scheduled for surgery at 8AM. I was a nervous wreck but I kept tuning it out of my subconscious and was trying to keep up a confident smile all through out. My worst worry was the anesthesia on my spine, which turned out to be not so bad. The tubing on my arm to accommodate the dextrose hurt the most. The delivery itself was a walk on the park. The pain on the incision was painful only in the beginning and a little shot of Morphine enabled me to sleep that first night.
I was happy about our final choice of hospital, delivering my baby and staying atThe City Hospital was a pleasant over all experience. First time I felt that I was getting my money’s worth in my 7 years here in Dubai. From the doctors to the nurses down to the maintenance staff we never felt short changed.

Choco Melt

Days before my surgery my husband was on leave and my son still had school so we took advantage of this and planned an afternoon date. On the last minute, his boss calls and ask him to attend a informal meeting at the mall, promising it will only take 30 minutes. I was still positive about our afternoon so I go around for awhile and when I couldn’t wait for him any longer I decided to try this chocolate place in Ibn Batutta India Court called Choco Melt.

I ordered the Belgian Waffle with strawberries and vanilla ice cream! It was a big portion but I was looking forward on sharing it so I wasn’t worried. An hour passed and still no sign of hubby finishing his meeting so in spite of it’s size I finished the whole thing by myself! After my snack I was a bit worried that this will take my sugar level off the charts! Luckily, I was fine.
My review on the dessert: the waffle was a bit tough and overall it was too sweet for my taste. Would I order it again? Probably not…

8 Days

Waiting for my scheduled CS seems like an eternity but at least I know what’s gonna happen. Imagine if I was waiting for my delivery date? A date that you don’t know when it will happen where and how? A date that will be dictated by my baby’s readiness to come out. When people ask me how far along I am and I tell them that I’m due next week, there’s always this look of surprised on their faces hello? I’m as big as a house when do you want me to deliver this baby???
Yesterday was a school day, so I got to have some ME time, first thing I did was to have a mani/pedi at Nailspa. I used to go to their branch at Mercato, but that was when I lived closer to that mall. Now I go to their branch in Ibn Batutta since it’s right in the vicinity where we live. I like coming here because of their service, they are friendly without being too friendly if you get what I mean. Ok let me explain, most of the staff are Filipina Nail Technicians and if there’s one thing we Filipinas are known for is that we are friendly, that’s one of the reasons why we excel in the service business. But sometimes there are those who cross the line, who say inappropriate things because they think they can because you are theirkabayan. At the Nailspa, they speak to you in english to avoid miscommunication with other guests and when you don’t start the conversation they don’t initiate it either. Which is just the way I like it.
After my 50 min treatment I passed by the supermarket to buy some supplies and passed by the bakery to buy a piece of cake (treat for myself), on my way out to the parking I couldn’t resist passing through Starbucks to get a Grande Caramel Frapuccino!
Which all in all sums up another great day!


Gramartically correct

I saw this on a friend’s wall and I just had to post it here. I’m particular with other people’s Grammar but when it comes to mine, I’m not as critical. Maybe it’s time to look into the mirror and start looking at myself rather than being critical of others.

10 more days

Tomorrow my single digit countdown begins. It’s not the procedure that worries me, its days before the procedure…I’m afraid that things that are unplanned will happen. I’m not really a big fan of impromptu happenings especially if it involves an emergency room in the middle of the night. I would love to say I have complete TRUST and FAITH in my God but a part of me, the physiological part of me tells me it’s gonna happen soon.
Strawberry Cheesecake and Iced mocha
But  I maybe feeling this way also because I was a little bit more active today than my usual routine.  After dropping my son at the nursery, I ventured into Mall of the Emirates, the next mall that’s closest to our house and one that we used to frequent often BC (Before Child). I tried to do my usual shops but 1/2 a lap I was already exhausted and had to sit down for some snacks. I stopped over at COSTA and had the Strawberry Cheesecake, which was light and not too sweet, just what I needed and the Iced Mocha which was good, but together they didn’t mix well. Because the cheesecake was sweet, the Iced Mocha tasted bitter which I didn’t enjoy at all. I would have been better of ordering water. But then, it’s a coffee shop, who gets water at a coffee shop?
To add to my foolishness, I went to the grocery without getting a cart, hence I had to carry 3 big bags of diaper on my own, which I think added stress on my back.
I heard mass on my own for the first time, you see lately hearing mass seemed like a selfish thing for me. We all go up and stay in the children’s area but DS gets claustrophobic and turns to his father to take him out, they go down, do whatever and wait for me to finish hearing mass. When I emerge from my mass dear hubby is in a totally bad mood because DS would not listen to him and DS is frustrated because his father cannot give him what he wants. So after a couple of attempts on this, we decided to give up hearing mass all in all. But now, since I can go to church on my own, I can hear mass all by my lonesome self and I have to say, I didn’t miss the constant voice in my head worrying where they were and what they were doing and how they were doing. They were/are safe at home doing their usual stuff.
I feel like DS knows there’s a big change coming and this explains his erratic behaviour lately. Of course this adds to my stress, DH thinks I’m the one adding stress to myself, telling me to relax and that “He doesn’t need to be clean before bed” WHAT???? last I checked we were raising a child and children NEED to be cleaned before BED. They have to brush their teeth, wash their face, feet, and hands at the very least. I don’t want my son to grow up without a proper hygiene just because I was too lazy or to stressed out to help him out because I was pregnant.
Last I checked there were two names on the Birth certificate and both of them were not MINE. 

Delaying the inevitable

Last night, I thought I felt like I was going into labour! The baby kept kicking me giving pressure to my pelvic area. I was so sure it was gonna happen last night I was waiting for my water to break.
FYI I’m a natural worry wart and when I have an idea in my head that’s all I think about. I kept praying to God not to let it happen then and there and just keep the baby inside me until my scheduled CS. Aside from the fact that the longer he stays inside me the healthier he’s gonna be, I was thinking of my little one, who’s gonna take care of him while I go into labour and his father is busy with the paper works etc etc.
Luckily, it did NOT happen last night and my worry level is less today. I am aware of the fact that he’s gonna come when he’s ready but if it would be less traumatic for mommy, that would be the best gift ever.