Having my own transport now, it’s easier for me to go anywhere I want to go after I drop my little one at the nursery. For my first endeavor I decided to go to the nearby mall. And just have a relaxing afternoon snack.
I went to DOME CAFE, I like killing time there because it’s located at the INDIA court of IBN BATUTTA mall and is under this majestic dome that gives the illusion of grandeur. I also like just people watching while I sit in the cafe.

For this afternoon, I ordered the following:

Dome Club Sandwich 34 aed
Lemon Mint Shake 17 aed

Some people have problems eating alone, not me. When you eat with a toddler who constantly needs attention and entertaining, eating alone seems to be a welcome change. All in all it was a pleasant afternoon and I would recommend it to anyone needing a space to unwind and just take things slow. Oh did I mention they have free WIFI??? Just ask your server for the password since it’s locked.

Cheers to all of us needing some time alone. I surely needed this before my new one arrives!

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