Delaying the inevitable

Last night, I thought I felt like I was going into labour! The baby kept kicking me giving pressure to my pelvic area. I was so sure it was gonna happen last night I was waiting for my water to break.
FYI I’m a natural worry wart and when I have an idea in my head that’s all I think about. I kept praying to God not to let it happen then and there and just keep the baby inside me until my scheduled CS. Aside from the fact that the longer he stays inside me the healthier he’s gonna be, I was thinking of my little one, who’s gonna take care of him while I go into labour and his father is busy with the paper works etc etc.
Luckily, it did NOT happen last night and my worry level is less today. I am aware of the fact that he’s gonna come when he’s ready but if it would be less traumatic for mommy, that would be the best gift ever.

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