8 Days

Waiting for my scheduled CS seems like an eternity but at least I know what’s gonna happen. Imagine if I was waiting for my delivery date? A date that you don’t know when it will happen where and how? A date that will be dictated by my baby’s readiness to come out. When people ask me how far along I am and I tell them that I’m due next week, there’s always this look of surprised on their faces hello? I’m as big as a house when do you want me to deliver this baby???
Yesterday was a school day, so I got to have some ME time, first thing I did was to have a mani/pedi at Nailspa. I used to go to their branch at Mercato, but that was when I lived closer to that mall. Now I go to their branch in Ibn Batutta since it’s right in the vicinity where we live. I like coming here because of their service, they are friendly without being too friendly if you get what I mean. Ok let me explain, most of the staff are Filipina Nail Technicians and if there’s one thing we Filipinas are known for is that we are friendly, that’s one of the reasons why we excel in the service business. But sometimes there are those who cross the line, who say inappropriate things because they think they can because you are theirkabayan. At the Nailspa, they speak to you in english to avoid miscommunication with other guests and when you don’t start the conversation they don’t initiate it either. Which is just the way I like it.
After my 50 min treatment I passed by the supermarket to buy some supplies and passed by the bakery to buy a piece of cake (treat for myself), on my way out to the parking I couldn’t resist passing through Starbucks to get a Grande Caramel Frapuccino!
Which all in all sums up another great day!



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