Choco Melt

Days before my surgery my husband was on leave and my son still had school so we took advantage of this and planned an afternoon date. On the last minute, his boss calls and ask him to attend a informal meeting at the mall, promising it will only take 30 minutes. I was still positive about our afternoon so I go around for awhile and when I couldn’t wait for him any longer I decided to try this chocolate place in Ibn Batutta India Court called Choco Melt.

I ordered the Belgian Waffle with strawberries and vanilla ice cream! It was a big portion but I was looking forward on sharing it so I wasn’t worried. An hour passed and still no sign of hubby finishing his meeting so in spite of it’s size I finished the whole thing by myself! After my snack I was a bit worried that this will take my sugar level off the charts! Luckily, I was fine.
My review on the dessert: the waffle was a bit tough and overall it was too sweet for my taste. Would I order it again? Probably not…

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