The day has finally come. We were at the hospital by 6AM and I was scheduled for surgery at 8AM. I was a nervous wreck but I kept tuning it out of my subconscious and was trying to keep up a confident smile all through out. My worst worry was the anesthesia on my spine, which turned out to be not so bad. The tubing on my arm to accommodate the dextrose hurt the most. The delivery itself was a walk on the park. The pain on the incision was painful only in the beginning and a little shot of Morphine enabled me to sleep that first night.
I was happy about our final choice of hospital, delivering my baby and staying atThe City Hospital was a pleasant over all experience. First time I felt that I was getting my money’s worth in my 7 years here in Dubai. From the doctors to the nurses down to the maintenance staff we never felt short changed.

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