The ONE Deli

That’s a given fact. So when I read about this breakfast deal, I had to ask the hubby for us to go…
Eggs Benedict, Corned beef hash, and Orange Juice


In the span of this promo we have eaten here twice! The first time I tried the eggs benedict, I have to say this was only my second time to try this and now I remember why, I don’t like it so much. Hubby got the corned beef hash which was their best seller according to the staff that waited on us.

The French Toast

Smoked Salmon Blinis
Our next visit at The One Deli I had the Smoked Salmon Blinis, Hubby had the Corned Beef Hash (again) and my mom had The French Toast. Which did not disappoint.
I like the ambiance of the Deli very much it makes me feel relaxed but when my little monster starts roaming the showroom I get nervous because he might get into a very expensive accident.
The One Deli is inside their showroom at the Jumeirah 1 Store beside the Jumeirah Mosque.

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