Big Fat Breakfast @ Fat Burger

I got this flyer at the mall the other day and immediately I knew that I HAD TO gather the troops and go to FAT BURGER this weekend! I have been looking for a American style diner here in Dubai for as long as I can remember so the prospect of having one made me feel like a kid in a candy store.
I have to say that the empty car park at the FAT BURGER restaurant in Jumeirah Beach Road was not a promising sign. The restaurant was empty but we venture on our breakfast adventure.
These pictures on the left were the only 4 breakfast specials you can order. Other FAT BURGER specials such as their shakes, burgers and fries are not available during their breakfast service.
I got the Big Fat Omelet, which was not really something to rave about the hash browns were bland and the toast were too hard.
My husband got the Big Fat Pancakes, which was really yummy and they were just how i imagined an iHOP pancake would taste like. My husband did comment that he needed something salty on the side for him to be able to finish 3 pieces of 7 inch pancakes. There were other flavors of pancakes available namely chocolate, strawberry and original which I will make it my mission to taste all three.
Wishing everyone a happy weekend!

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