6 weeks later

Aden awake at 4AM (his usual wake up time)
Lately, my days have become monotonous leaving me not knowing what the days of the week are. All I do all day is feed my 6 week old son and carry him to sleep. He loves to be carried around and once I put him in his bed he starts crying, so I have to repeat the whole process again. One day I swear out of the 24 hours of the day he was in my arms for 20 leaving my right arm very sore.
Aden with his grandma who they call Mama
I’m thankful that my mother is here that she gets to watch over my eldest and also takes over my shift when I’m all stressed and tired from my new born baby. She’s in charge of our day to day menu and gives my little one a bath. She helps entertain my eldest when I’m busy or just catching up on some sleep. She is making my life easier. But of course good things must come to an end and soon I will be left alone to take care of my family exactly how it’s suppose to be. I know I’m not the first mother ever to get through this but the feeling of uncertainty is making me on edge. Luckily, we will be going home for a month and when we get back my mother in law will be here to help me with the transition of my eldest Adrian going to school. So I still have 2 months to go with help but after that – It’s all me baby! and I’m soooooo scared…

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