Grateful to Cathay Pacific

Traveling with 2 young ones have been my biggest fear these past few weeks. The closed space, the altitude, my baby being comfortable, and entertaining my 3 year old for 6 hours all of this has been going through my mind again and again.


Fortunately the crew of Cathay Pacific flight 746 from Dubai to HK last Aug3 were very helpful. To this I am very grateful. They made sure that my small family and I were comfortable with the seats assigned to us, even going a step further by asking the people around us to switch places so that we could all sit together. This alone already alleviated my worry of traveling with the kids a little. They prepared the bassinet for my baby and asked me if I needed something else. Then during the meals they made sure that my small boy was fed first so that I can attend to him before I ate. They even asked me what meal I wanted and saved it for me to eat later.


These seem like small simple gestures or even seem like they are just doing their job, but it really made a big difference to my flying experience and to this I am truly grateful. This is not my first trip with a small child and my experience with other airlines were not as pleasant as this one. I just hope I was able to get the crew’s name who was very helpful so that I could have given her due credit for this.

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