The HABAGAT experience

Since we arrived in Manila, rain has been non-stop but the meteorologists are saying that there is no storm in the country but a tropical depression. To make matters worse there are two tropical depressions visiting at the same time. In the news they are comparing this to Ondoy, one of the worst storms in Philippine history which happened 3 years ago in 2009.
View of the street  from above our garage
I’ve never experienced flood first hand, so I was not prepared when we were awaken by the sound of the car alarm and a loud knock on our bedroom door with my FIL’s voice shouting that we should wake up because there is water everywhere. I think it took me a few seconds before I can collect my thoughts and start packing our stuff to move to the room above the garage for shelter. In the event that water will reach our bedroom. Panic struck me when I heard my husband shouting “Yung mga bata!” (the children!) again and again.
2 of the 4 cars that was submerge under flood water
We had to pass through the dirty kitchen because they didn’t want to open the main door because they didn’t know how strong the current will be. I was so nervous walking through the flood with my two month old in tow and with my three year old in my husbands arms. My heart was pounding so fast I could feel it vibrate in my son’s body.
But thankfully we made it safely and that there is still electricity to keep us comfortable. I know other people have it bad so I am very thankful that this is all that we had to endure.
To the other victims of this tropical depression, my prayers are with you. Stay safe and keep dry.

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