Party Venue

Lately, I’ve been loosing sleep because of the constant worrying about my second son, Aden’s 1st birthday party.
I didn’t want to have it in the normal places we Filipinos have parties like Max’s,Chowking and Barrio Fiesta because lately I’ve noticed that because our events are always in the same place, some people tend to compare parties which makes me sad in a way because the main reason we were all there was to celebrate a special occasion and all some people seem to care about was who served the better food. I didn’t want our party to be compared to the others before me so I went off to look for other party venues in Dubai that I was sure the kids will enjoy.
My first choice was Pizza Company at the Marina walk but their extensive menu and lack of party combos simply made it too complicated for me to have it there.
Play area for the kids
Then by chance I pass by Fat Burger, a burger joint along Jumeirah Beach Road and that was it! I was in love…The place was perfect, they had a play area, which was on the second floor that they can close off exclusively for parties and their menu is very simple…burger, drink and fries, not to mention affordable…After visiting their place 3 times I finally met with the manager today and booked the place!!!!
Dining where you can see the kids playing in the play area
Now time for the fun stuff, decor and detailing…but thats for another day.

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