Cloning Mommy

A few hours after this picture was taken, tears replaced these smiles…tears for mommy!! Both boys wanted mommy to be by their side to soothe them to sleep. This led me into thinking, “What if it was possible to clone mommy” What would mommy A and mommy B do?

Here were my thoughts:
Mommy A would be responsible for:
  • preparing the meals, washing the dishes
  • doing laundry
  • ironing
  • cleaning the house
  • make up beds
  • putting the toys back after their use
and mommy B would:
  • wake up and prepare the kids for school
  • have breakfast with the kids
  • take them to school
  • pick them up from school
  • play with them
  • nap with them
  • be silly with them
  • and sleep with them
If you notice my list one mommy clone does all the chores and one mommy clone spends all the time with the kids, I guess in my subconscious I wouldn’t want to delegate to anyone time with my kids even if it was a clone of myself. I would still prefer to do all these things than sacrifice precious moments with my little ones.

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