Give Aways and Decors

I recently (last year) attended a birthday party that the mom of the celebrant really gave such attention to details on the smallest things, mind you all DIY, that I found myself appreciating all of the mom’s effort. ( I will get permission from the mom to grab some photos to share on my blog so you can see what I mean but for the meantime…) I remember feeling so much love was put in the party that I actually appreciated the fact that they made us part of that special occasion.
So, for my dear Aden’s party I would like to put in, if not the same effort at least a little bit more than what I would put into any party I would host.
The theme I chose was a circus theme.


With my only ally in life, my sister Xyn, we immediately started planning our little party. Even if she is back in the Philippines and pregnant! She immediately sprung into action and found for me the perfect give aways in Divisoria.
My next course of action was the venue and decor…I was planning something (i didn’t know what) but when Ate Dinky (the mom of the super attention to detail DIY party) contacted me and told me to get a move on things, I immediately got a kick on the behind and started moving and not just planning in my head. You probably do not know we have the venue booked already and now the next challenge was to decorate it…
My first go-to was my favorite swedish furniture store, IKEA and found that they too have a wide (ok not wide) range of circus things for kids…(as if the God’s were on my side! – DRAMA!)
I found this …I don’t know what to call it…but I got really excited!

Of course, I still have to get the approval of my unofficial party planner/event coordinator, ate Dinx (that told me that crepe paper was soooooo passé) haha
They even have a circus tent, that at first i thought it would be too much but then I realized maybe we can add it to the decor of the place and maybe put some stuffed animals inside that are peaking out??? or the gifts???

What do you think? Will keep you guys updated as we move along…

2 Comments on “Give Aways and Decors”

  1. Dinky says:

    Ayan! Great stuff Nix! Don’t stress out yoursellf. Have fun with the party planning, this is the best part! The party is just for a couple of hours..but we have 4 months to play with our ideas! Enjoy!

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