Weaning the iPad

Lately, we’ve been trying to wean Adrian from the iPad. Don’t get me wrong it has been an invaluable tool for his development. He learned how to recite and identify his ABC’s, recognize his shapes, know his colors and learn to read all from the iPad. But now we’re concerned that he doesn’t interact normally with other kids his age


Like for example: I brought the two boys to a friends house for a play date one Saturday and since there was WIFI in the house he just sat in one corner and started watching his youtube videos.


Another example is whenever we are out, he will always be the first one to say it’s time to go home only because he wants to get hold of his iPad and start watching his videos. This is not good especially when Aden is asleep in the stroller and I have some time to window shop. He will keep asking to go home or attempt to run out to the parking lot to go to the car. He never does go through the mall’s glass doors without me but I always run after him and never call his bluff because I’m always scared of fast cars and drivers using their mobile and don’t pay attention to the roads.

So now sans iPad, our house is a mess! It’s been turned upside down by Adrian trying to find his iPad or iPhone (he got my old one and uses it when his iPad is charging-I told you it’s bad). Another strategy he has is to annoy us to no end so that we would give up and give him the coveted iPad just so he will behave. This tactic made his father very proud of his son, saying pa with pride “Ang talino niya!” (He’s very smart).

After hours of crying and countless attempts of bribing with Disney channel (which mind you were unsuccessful). He was finally allowed to watch 3 youtube videos from the laptop, which at first irritated him because he had no control of the laptop but finally gave in and watched his videos in peace. Mind you after the videos, he went to his bed and laid there until he fell asleep without his usual bedtime routine (I think it’s from all the crying and searching that he was just simply exhausted)

All this drama and it’s only day ONE , actually 2 but he found the iPhone yesterday so that day was a fail. We still have a long way to go and I don’t even know if we will truly be successful in this challenge. God help us all.

“May the odds be ever in our favor.” 


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