Mommy’s Day Out

To keep me from going insane. I try to go out once a week after dropping Adrian to school, instead of going home to do chores. I have a nice and relaxing breakfast (with Aden), sometimes I make an appointment for an overdue pedicure and/or go to the mall and do some window shopping (sometimes not just ‘window” hehe). My husband doesn’t mind this so much as long as he doesn’t know exactly how much I spend! haha


Fat Pancake from Fat Burger (25 AED)

Mind you I don’t go overspending and maximizing his credit card, a simple blue shirt or something to help me organize my stuff makes me over the moon happy, that’s not so bad right????



2 Comments on “Mommy’s Day Out”

  1. Dinky says:

    I’m so jealous of your life!

  2. haha! thanks! that’s funny, but I was just writing something about my NOT so fabulous life…watch out for my next post! haha

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