MUJI in Dubai Mall

MUJI is finally in Dubai!! I love love love their stationary section and things for organizing and from my visit yesterday, I discovered that they have clothes that were as if made for me…blues, khakis, stripes, and black all my favorite colors! Not to mention their comfy styles makes MUJI my new fave go to store. (bonus I can fit in their M size so I love them more than ever now!) I bought a cute navy dress I can’t wait to wear! I got a size L because the M was a little snug in the belly and I’m still a bit self conscious of my 8 moth old pest prego belly.


A-Line Navy Blue dress


Muji Dinnerware – LUST!

Here’s my idol in blogging and fashion, Manila Fashion Observer writing about MUJI PH back in 2010. She talked about Muji the way I hope I can. I just had to share her post. (I hope I’m not breaking any blogging laws with this) I agree with her when she says it’s “addicting and that it can bring out the compulsive shopper in you


minimalist no brand, high quality = MUJI

Needless to say I shall return Muji! WATCH OUT!


2 Comments on “MUJI in Dubai Mall”

  1. Janice says:

    I love their stuff too! But I don’t buy from there, mahal e. Hehehe. I like Uniqlo too. Japanese basic fashion also 🙂

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