Customer Care

I belong to the Customer Service Industry, I’m a Dentist. We’ve been trained to be professionals, to always smile, to always be polite and to always let the patients (customers) feel as if they are king or queen.

Because of this training I expect this level of customer care from people who provide service to others. So when my level of expectation is not met, this annoys me to no end. My husband tells me to be more patient with them because I’m the one needing the service therefore if I’m rude to them they can delay and/or deny my request all together i.e. at the bank, in airports (especially @NAIA), supermarkets, anywhere really.

Mind you if the lady behind the counter is polite and friendly I would buy the whole store from her, a simple smile and a little politeness go a long way. Is that too much to ask?

This post is in light of my recent trip to the supermarket. We have two in our neighborhood that I frequently go to and the difference in the way they provide service to me makes all the difference and why I’m not going to one of them anymore. I maybe a lowly housewife but I still believe my business is worth something – so don’t cross me bi*tch.

Happy Sunday everyone and I hope your day is going much better than mine. I’m sorry for the profanity or the intent of it – just wanted to blow off some steam.


2 Comments on “Customer Care”

  1. Janice says:

    I know what you mean!! The only people I never cross are food servers – esp before i get my food

  2. Oh yeah! I forgot about restaurants! Parang I want to ask them “Gusto mo ba ng TIP or what?” haha But that happens more in Manila, here medyo polite naman sila sa restaurants kasi excited sila pag pinoy! haha

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