Instant Carbonara

I have never thought of myself as a “Chef” but I don’t mind cooking either…as long as I know what I’m cooking. What I hate the most is trying to think about what to cook next. If I have a menu in my mind then cooking is not a chore, it’s actually relaxing for me but when I don’t know what to cook that’s when it becomes tedious for me.


In our house, Sinigang is KING! Nothing beats that dish but once in awhile mommy needs/wants some normal people food! haha When I was food shopping yesterday, I saw this jar of KIMBALL Mushroom Carbonara, I had the feeling it could be rubbish but I was so desperate I told myself I was going to “improve” the sauce in the jar.

I fried the bacon until they were crispy and sauteed it with onions and added it to the sauce.


This is the final product…although it doesn’t look bad at all it was too salty for my taste but at the end of the day I got the pasta dish I was craving for. Win-win?


One Comment on “Instant Carbonara”

  1. xyn says:

    Buy the carbonara mix i use here. Tito Alex loves it so maybe Adrian will love it too. HAHAHA

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