DIY Teeth Whitening

I’ve been addicted to coffee for about 2 years now…At first I started with just the occasional Starbucks when I’m alone waiting for Adrian to finish school making it my treat for time alone. Then, I had to stop for nine months and immediately after giving birth I went back on the wagon and drank my cup a day (I researched online and they said it was ok to take a cup of coffee a day and my cup is not the strong kind, I take mine with cream and sugar – lots of it!) …and from then on I have been an addict…

But the worst part of coffee drinking is the dark stains it gives your teeth after drinking it for so long. As a dentist, I’ve gotten so conscious about my teeth that I had to do something about it. I found this online and had to give it a try.



I have to say it really works and it’s not so hard as the other home remedies I’ve tried. I wish I got a before and after shot of my teeth.

Try it and let me know how it went.


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