Thank you for the impromptu dinner date


my baby boy trying to steal a pepperoni while watching Tita Riz

My Friend Riz called me up around 4PM today to ask me out for an impromptu dinner date. Arnie wasn’t coming home until after dinner so I gladly and excitedly accepted the invitation. With my kids in tow and braving the weekend traffic we set off to Mall of the Emirates to meet up with Riz and Jing.

I’ve known Riz and Jing ever since I came to Dubai, Riz and I used to work in the same clinic for almost 5 years and Jing’s been our chef de cuisine ever since the first time I got invited to have dinner in their home. We’ve been neighbors on 3 different residences and when I was living alone, they always invited me to have dinner with them almost every night. These dinner invites saved me from having ramen noodles every night and is also the reason for all my extra kilos! (had to blame someone else right? haha).

It was nice to sit down, have dinner and catch up with old friends in spite of my kids being with me. It’s just what the Dr. ordered. I think I was talking the whole time I didn’t notice that 2 hours have passed (what’s new right?).


I just wanted to dedicate this post and say a special thank you to two old friends who never forget and always appreciate listening to my stories and I them.


5 Comments on “Thank you for the impromptu dinner date”

  1. Jing says:

    it was so nice to see you again Nix! Let’s do Boracay one evening oki doki, or some place child-friendly 😀

  2. Janice says:

    Aden wanted pizza!

  3. Riz says:

    Ladies night out next time nix!! Leave the kids to arnie! hehehe

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