Thursday Blues

Today, is NOT my day.

Thursdays are the gateway to our weekend here in Dubai. We get Friday/Saturday off because Friday is a holy day in the Muslim faith. So I make Thursdays “mommy day“. But this particular thursday was not cooperating with this particular mommy.


traffic on our side street going out to the main road which then leads to the highway (was stuck here for 30 mins)

First, Our morning started off as toxic. We got caught up in traffic for an hour and 15 mins just going out of our place at Discovery Gardens. FYI, Our place is very well known for morning traffic because there’s only one road that leads to the highway so everybody is queuing up to get out. Sometimes there’s unnecessary traffic because of some people who cannot wait in line and decide to counterflow, but aside from these uneducated drivers my daily commute is about 20 mins tops and I’m out of our area. I can even afford to leave the house at 7:30 and reach school just in time for the morning bell at 8:00am. Today was a different story.


Smart A** wanting to cut in on my lane.

After I dropped Adrian at school, 45 mins late. I was under the impression that my day was going to get better. Little did I know that I had it all wrong. I made an appointment for an overdue pedicure at the Nail Spa Salon and when I arrived with Aden in tow they said that they couldn’t accept me because babies are not allowed inside, I guess I understand this but of all the days – today was not the day. The receptionist was very polite and courteous but because of the day I was having she might as well have slapped my face and thrown me out of the salon because that’s what I felt. Still wanting to have that overdue pedicure. I remembered there was one salon that I had gone to with Aden in the past at the called Spaces, so I drove all the way there only to be rejected again, this time not for having a baby but because they were fully booked.


Le Pain de France inviting me to take a seat.


Le Pain de France breakfast (35aed) I missed kuya all of a sudden, we could’ve shared this meal and both of us would be happy campers, he gets the OJ and bread and I get the coffee, scrambled eggs and salad.

Giving up on my day of leisure I decided to sit down and have a looooooong breakfast until it was time to pick up Adrian from school. I found Le Pain de France. The ambiance was conducive to what I needed – good food and some peace and quiet. I’m happy I brought my laptop along so waiting for Adrian was not so hard.

Until next week for another installment of my mommy day adventures.



In closing, I had a wonderful, peaceful breakfast (Aden was well behaved, as if he knew mommy needed it so much!) And hubby even volunteered to take care of chubbers here so that I can get that overdue pedicure! Happy weekend everyone!

P.S. special shout out to mymommyology for keeping me company during the traffic. Appreciate it!


2 Comments on “Thursday Blues”

  1. Janice says:

    So since kuya was not there to share with you… Did u eat the whole thing yourself?? Hahaha!! 🙂

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