Shane Alliyah


Thank you cards from the celebrant (made by mommy Doris – of course!)


“WANTED” posters displayed on all the walls channelling Tangled the movie

To this day, I can still remember the evening that Doris (Alliyah’s mom) shared with me that she was pregnant with this cute little girl. Doris was my first housemate in Dubai and in the beginning we were both living alone so we would often share our happenings of the day with each other while we cook dinner in our shared kitchen. She’s also my first housemate since I started living alone, so to me that makes us practically family! To see and celebrate her second daughter Shane Alliyah’s 7th birthday makes it all the more special to me.


Ate Gabee saying the opening prayer – so sweet almost brought tears to my eyes

As our little families grew, we have always kept in touch with each other. It’s just a shame that our children do not belong to the same age group so that they would’ve grown together and be best friends.

They had the party at Chowking in Al Ghurair, a favorite venue for Filipino parties here in Dubai and I can understand why. The place is large, it’s easy to get to, parking is a breeze, food is familiar to us Filipinos not to mention the prices are practical when you are throwing a large party for lots of people. Even the balloons that made the hall look festive was included in the package so all in all not bad in my book, not bad AT ALL!

Although the hall was already decorated with balloons (included in the package) they still made DIY projects just to make the place more personalized. The banners were made with a sun sign in the center (it was too high to take a picture) but at first look I thought it was the UST sun because they are both alums, then I realized it was the sun from the movie Tangled. The tarpaulin I think needs a special mention too because I have it on good authority that Doris had it made in Manila and brought it all the way here from her trip last 2012 (talk about a mother’s commitment). The center pieces were made by a friend at first I thought it was just there for display until I found out that there was a candle in the middle so I think the intent was for it to be translucent so the light glows through the paper but all in all i give it an A for the effort, Hey! if I had a friend willing to give up their time to make center pieces for my kid’s party, I say – Thank you!!


Handmade lanterns that served as table center pieces


Tarpaulin made from Manila


banners handmade by Doris with a “little” help from Daniel


kids group picture


For entertainment, they hired Party Clowns which were very entertaining to say the least. There was a clown on the first part of the party to play the games and sing happy birthday, he was very festive and got the kids and the adults in the mood to partéy! Before the food was served the clown said that his job was over and a magician “salamangkero” (I love saying the word) will be coming after the food to replace him. The salamangkero was more serious I thought that it was really two different people but Arnie said he saw him in the bathroom removing his make up (he would’ve fooled me) Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I will get their contact numbers and post them here so I can help anyone who is interested in hiring them for their events.


time for games with the clown


magic time with the salamangkero













The day ended with a high note because I got to watch my eldest Adrian get out of his shell. No more is the shy little guy who always sat beside mommy in birthday parties and out comes this social butterfly that just kept flapping his wings all around the party hall.

Happy Birthday Dear Alliyah! You’ve done such a great job in growing up that we are truly very proud of you sweet little girl! May you have glowing years ahead! We love you very much! and Thank you for a wonderful party!



2 Comments on “Shane Alliyah”

  1. dorisxiv says:

    Hi Nix!! Thanks! I’m sooo touched with the introduction. We are indeed a family!
    And about the party I really made an effort because I know you will be blogging about it. Hehe 🙂 I know it’s not much but then that’s the best that we can do for Liyah. She said that’s the best party ever and she’s very thankful to us.
    Thanks Nix again for this lovely blog!.. had inspired me to start blogging as well.
    Btw.. I’m so proud for Adrian.. he’s really growing up too fast and spreading his wings already!
    And wait for Aden’s day. Call me for help!
    Take care Sis! 😀

  2. GO! GO! GO! I’m all support on the blogging, it’s very relaxing, especially after a loooooooong toxic day.

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