an IKEA type of weekend morning

I hate, HATE, HATE going to IKEA on a weekend with the whole family because it’s too crowded and Adrian keeps running and touching everything that I just can’t enjoy the day that I’m there. So I go by myself (with Aden) when I can after I drop off Adrian from school. But on this particular morning my husband was the one who suggested we have breakfast there and look around (there are some things we have to buy before we go home) his thinking was, if we go early then we would avoid the weekend crowd. I was very skeptical of this because from past experiences even the breakfast at IKEA was crowded but because he suggested it I would go along (any reason to say “I told you so!” right?)

Alleluia! I thank my IKEA gods that there were no crowds this early saturday morning and as a bonus Adrian is already tall enough to enter the småland so we were able to leave him there for an hour. This may seem very mundane to the normal mind but to me an hour of not running after a little toddler in a place where I like to go around and look was absolute heaven. Plus the little one was knocked out the whole time this is looking up to be a good week.

Countdown to Manila is 19 days! Happy weekend everyone!!!


One Comment on “an IKEA type of weekend morning”

  1. […] from The Entertainer, the costs can add up. Yesterday, I brought him to ikea so he can play at småland (for free) but he was so dissapointed that the play area didn’t have a big slide, he had them […]

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