Favourite Things Mother & Child Dubai


@ Dubai Marina Mall

Favourite Things is a play area here in Dubai that offers more than just your usual play area. They have a salon for kids, a boutique that sells all the latest stuff for babies and toddlers  and of course a play area that enables you to either leave your child while you can sit at the cafe able to watch your child play through the glass windows (I guess this is for mommy’s with older kids 3-5? because with babies I don’t think you can just leave him there alone) or join your child play with their very extensive toy collection that incorporates any age from 0-5 yrs old. Aside from all these they also offer mommy and me classes. (I’ve inserted the link for more info)


the cafe


the boutique

Aden and I joined the Boogie Babies class it’s 30 mins. with lots of singing and dancing, the dancing part is mainly done by the mommy while she carries the baby. Aden seems to enjoy it very much. Aside from the class, you get to play free for 30 mins entrance at their play area which you can get before or after the class which in my book makes it money well spent. The area is very clean and nanny cams are placed everywhere so you are always secure that your child is safe. The staff are very nice and friendly, they even play with the kids (I guess you must be they type to like kids if you work in a place like this).


Aden sitting on the parachute during Boogie Babies


Aden playing with a friend during play time

When Adrian was younger, we used to join classes similar to this too. I wanted Aden to have the same opportunity that Adrian had. I love it that Aden and I can spend this time together. We actually do spend most of our days together most of it running errands at the grocery, driving Adrian to/from school, going through the carwash, and other errands we have to do for daddy or others. But once a week, Monday morning at 10:30 is exclusively for Aden and I love it that he seems happy when we are there.


morning school run

Favourite Things also offers dance classes, party venue services and many more please visit their website or call them for more info.

Contact Details

Email info@favouritethings.com
Phone +971 (0)4 434 1984
Post P.O.Box 212495
Dubai, UAE
Fax +971 (0)4 434 1983

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