A day at the beach

Part of our busy weekend was a morning at the beach. It’s been quite awhile since we spent a day at the beach so all my beach gear was nowhere to be found. By the time we left the house I have turned it upside down looking for the baby swimming tube, that in the end we weren’t able to use.


Aden’s first beach getaway

I was very excited to take my youngest Aden since this was his first time. He loved playing on the sand and was even attempting to taste it. The water was too cold so there was no swimming for him or any of us for that matter. Adrian frolicked by the shore and was very happy playing with his toy truck in the sand.


Kuya Adrian lovin’ the beach


Beach play date with Bella



Too much fun for the little guy

Too much fun for the little guy

Living in Dubai has its perks, having easy access to the beach and all year round of sunny weather  is one of those perks.


2 Comments on “A day at the beach”

  1. Janice says:

    Shall we attempt a beach trip while you’re here??? 😛

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