Ocular Inspection

A couple of weekends ago Ate Dinky and I, plus the family in tow had an ocular inspection of our party venue at Fat Burger. We also had a “meeting” of sorts to discus how we could decorate the place to make it the circus theme that we/I wanted. I’m happy to report that she approved of the place and that the play area, which was my main attraction was not a very hard sell. We did agree that we/I don’t need to hire any more entertainers as the play area will be more than enough to keep the kids busy. This made me happy because it meant that I had more budget on my DIY projects.

With us going home to the Philippines for Spring Break, I have a long list of “things to buy from Divisoria“. Divisoria is where we Filipinos run to so we can buy the cheapest of everything you can ever imagine. If you can buy it at the mall chances are you can find it in Divisoria (Divi as we like to call it) 1/2 price with room to haggle pa!


things to buy

I’m very excited for this party because somebody is as excited as me for it meanwhile the celebrant is nonchalant about everything. This feeling is very dangerous though because I’m starting to plan Adrian’s next party in my head too! (have to hide this post from the hubby! hehe)


2 Comments on “Ocular Inspection”

  1. Dinky says:

    Haha! She approved talaga?!

  2. Question or statement? I’m confused with the “?!” anyway, approved or semi approved I’m glad I have your support! haha parang tatakbo sa election! haha

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