National Breakfast Day


McDonald’s is giving away free Egg McMuffin sandwiches on 18 March 2013. I first heard about this on The Pickiest Eater in the World‘s FB page. I have to admit I was a bit jealous that it will only happen in the Philippines but apparently it’s not only in the Philippines dare I say it’s world-wide?

I grew up with McDonald’s breakfast, my earliest memories of it is when my parents used to bring my sister and I to Greenhills, San Juan for their breakfast menu on the weekends. I remember that it made me one very happy chubby little girl. Even now that I’m an adult, when I go to McDonald’s to have breakfast it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As a parent, I tried to influence my sons (Adrian in particular) to have that special memory with McDonald’s breakfast like the one I have but sad to say he would rather eat his breakfast at home where he can have rice, egg and ____ (whatever breakfast meat I feel like serving that morning) than to have breakfast with me at McDonald’s even if they have a play area he can use. I guess I’m now considered “old school” of our generation today.

Let me know if they’re celebrating National Breakfast Day at your country too!


Favourite Things Mother & Child Dubai


@ Dubai Marina Mall

Favourite Things is a play area here in Dubai that offers more than just your usual play area. They have a salon for kids, a boutique that sells all the latest stuff for babies and toddlers  and of course a play area that enables you to either leave your child while you can sit at the cafe able to watch your child play through the glass windows (I guess this is for mommy’s with older kids 3-5? because with babies I don’t think you can just leave him there alone) or join your child play with their very extensive toy collection that incorporates any age from 0-5 yrs old. Aside from all these they also offer mommy and me classes. (I’ve inserted the link for more info)


the cafe


the boutique

Aden and I joined the Boogie Babies class it’s 30 mins. with lots of singing and dancing, the dancing part is mainly done by the mommy while she carries the baby. Aden seems to enjoy it very much. Aside from the class, you get to play free for 30 mins entrance at their play area which you can get before or after the class which in my book makes it money well spent. The area is very clean and nanny cams are placed everywhere so you are always secure that your child is safe. The staff are very nice and friendly, they even play with the kids (I guess you must be they type to like kids if you work in a place like this).


Aden sitting on the parachute during Boogie Babies


Aden playing with a friend during play time

When Adrian was younger, we used to join classes similar to this too. I wanted Aden to have the same opportunity that Adrian had. I love it that Aden and I can spend this time together. We actually do spend most of our days together most of it running errands at the grocery, driving Adrian to/from school, going through the carwash, and other errands we have to do for daddy or others. But once a week, Monday morning at 10:30 is exclusively for Aden and I love it that he seems happy when we are there.


morning school run

Favourite Things also offers dance classes, party venue services and many more please visit their website or call them for more info.

Contact Details

Phone +971 (0)4 434 1984
Post P.O.Box 212495
Dubai, UAE
Fax +971 (0)4 434 1983

Tuna macaroni salad


The other day I bought lunch from the market – Tuna Macaroni Salad. It was such a simple dish that I thought why do I have to buy this when it’s so easy to make it. So I did! I have tons of salad in my fridge at the moment but that will suffice me for a week!

Here’s my recipe – sorry I didn’t put exact amounts on some of the ingredients used, to be honest I just raided my fridge and used what I had.


  1. Elbow macaroni
  2. 1 can Tuna (I used the Hot and Spicy -that’s my favorite)
  3. 1 Green pepper (Capsicum on our part of the world)
  4. 1 Onion
  5. Mayonnaise


  1. cook macaroni as directed on the package, drain noodles when cooked
  2. mix all ingredients in a big bowl adjusting amount of mayonnaise to your own taste
  3. add pepper and salt as needed

Chill and serve – Enjoy!



P.S. after eating tuna macaroni salad for a week and a half – alone. I simply decided that the next time I crave maybe it is better to buy from the store all this extra calories turned into FAT is simply NOT worth it!

an IKEA type of weekend morning

I hate, HATE, HATE going to IKEA on a weekend with the whole family because it’s too crowded and Adrian keeps running and touching everything that I just can’t enjoy the day that I’m there. So I go by myself (with Aden) when I can after I drop off Adrian from school. But on this particular morning my husband was the one who suggested we have breakfast there and look around (there are some things we have to buy before we go home) his thinking was, if we go early then we would avoid the weekend crowd. I was very skeptical of this because from past experiences even the breakfast at IKEA was crowded but because he suggested it I would go along (any reason to say “I told you so!” right?)

Alleluia! I thank my IKEA gods that there were no crowds this early saturday morning and as a bonus Adrian is already tall enough to enter the småland so we were able to leave him there for an hour. This may seem very mundane to the normal mind but to me an hour of not running after a little toddler in a place where I like to go around and look was absolute heaven. Plus the little one was knocked out the whole time this is looking up to be a good week.

Countdown to Manila is 19 days! Happy weekend everyone!!!

Shane Alliyah


Thank you cards from the celebrant (made by mommy Doris – of course!)


“WANTED” posters displayed on all the walls channelling Tangled the movie

To this day, I can still remember the evening that Doris (Alliyah’s mom) shared with me that she was pregnant with this cute little girl. Doris was my first housemate in Dubai and in the beginning we were both living alone so we would often share our happenings of the day with each other while we cook dinner in our shared kitchen. She’s also my first housemate since I started living alone, so to me that makes us practically family! To see and celebrate her second daughter Shane Alliyah’s 7th birthday makes it all the more special to me.


Ate Gabee saying the opening prayer – so sweet almost brought tears to my eyes

As our little families grew, we have always kept in touch with each other. It’s just a shame that our children do not belong to the same age group so that they would’ve grown together and be best friends.

They had the party at Chowking in Al Ghurair, a favorite venue for Filipino parties here in Dubai and I can understand why. The place is large, it’s easy to get to, parking is a breeze, food is familiar to us Filipinos not to mention the prices are practical when you are throwing a large party for lots of people. Even the balloons that made the hall look festive was included in the package so all in all not bad in my book, not bad AT ALL!

Although the hall was already decorated with balloons (included in the package) they still made DIY projects just to make the place more personalized. The banners were made with a sun sign in the center (it was too high to take a picture) but at first look I thought it was the UST sun because they are both alums, then I realized it was the sun from the movie Tangled. The tarpaulin I think needs a special mention too because I have it on good authority that Doris had it made in Manila and brought it all the way here from her trip last 2012 (talk about a mother’s commitment). The center pieces were made by a friend at first I thought it was just there for display until I found out that there was a candle in the middle so I think the intent was for it to be translucent so the light glows through the paper but all in all i give it an A for the effort, Hey! if I had a friend willing to give up their time to make center pieces for my kid’s party, I say – Thank you!!


Handmade lanterns that served as table center pieces


Tarpaulin made from Manila


banners handmade by Doris with a “little” help from Daniel


kids group picture


For entertainment, they hired Party Clowns which were very entertaining to say the least. There was a clown on the first part of the party to play the games and sing happy birthday, he was very festive and got the kids and the adults in the mood to partéy! Before the food was served the clown said that his job was over and a magician “salamangkero” (I love saying the word) will be coming after the food to replace him. The salamangkero was more serious I thought that it was really two different people but Arnie said he saw him in the bathroom removing his make up (he would’ve fooled me) Talk about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I will get their contact numbers and post them here so I can help anyone who is interested in hiring them for their events.


time for games with the clown


magic time with the salamangkero













The day ended with a high note because I got to watch my eldest Adrian get out of his shell. No more is the shy little guy who always sat beside mommy in birthday parties and out comes this social butterfly that just kept flapping his wings all around the party hall.

Happy Birthday Dear Alliyah! You’ve done such a great job in growing up that we are truly very proud of you sweet little girl! May you have glowing years ahead! We love you very much! and Thank you for a wonderful party!


Thank you for the impromptu dinner date


my baby boy trying to steal a pepperoni while watching Tita Riz

My Friend Riz called me up around 4PM today to ask me out for an impromptu dinner date. Arnie wasn’t coming home until after dinner so I gladly and excitedly accepted the invitation. With my kids in tow and braving the weekend traffic we set off to Mall of the Emirates to meet up with Riz and Jing.

I’ve known Riz and Jing ever since I came to Dubai, Riz and I used to work in the same clinic for almost 5 years and Jing’s been our chef de cuisine ever since the first time I got invited to have dinner in their home. We’ve been neighbors on 3 different residences and when I was living alone, they always invited me to have dinner with them almost every night. These dinner invites saved me from having ramen noodles every night and is also the reason for all my extra kilos! (had to blame someone else right? haha).

It was nice to sit down, have dinner and catch up with old friends in spite of my kids being with me. It’s just what the Dr. ordered. I think I was talking the whole time I didn’t notice that 2 hours have passed (what’s new right?).


I just wanted to dedicate this post and say a special thank you to two old friends who never forget and always appreciate listening to my stories and I them.

Thursday Blues

Today, is NOT my day.

Thursdays are the gateway to our weekend here in Dubai. We get Friday/Saturday off because Friday is a holy day in the Muslim faith. So I make Thursdays “mommy day“. But this particular thursday was not cooperating with this particular mommy.


traffic on our side street going out to the main road which then leads to the highway (was stuck here for 30 mins)

First, Our morning started off as toxic. We got caught up in traffic for an hour and 15 mins just going out of our place at Discovery Gardens. FYI, Our place is very well known for morning traffic because there’s only one road that leads to the highway so everybody is queuing up to get out. Sometimes there’s unnecessary traffic because of some people who cannot wait in line and decide to counterflow, but aside from these uneducated drivers my daily commute is about 20 mins tops and I’m out of our area. I can even afford to leave the house at 7:30 and reach school just in time for the morning bell at 8:00am. Today was a different story.


Smart A** wanting to cut in on my lane.

After I dropped Adrian at school, 45 mins late. I was under the impression that my day was going to get better. Little did I know that I had it all wrong. I made an appointment for an overdue pedicure at the Nail Spa Salon and when I arrived with Aden in tow they said that they couldn’t accept me because babies are not allowed inside, I guess I understand this but of all the days – today was not the day. The receptionist was very polite and courteous but because of the day I was having she might as well have slapped my face and thrown me out of the salon because that’s what I felt. Still wanting to have that overdue pedicure. I remembered there was one salon that I had gone to with Aden in the past at the called Spaces, so I drove all the way there only to be rejected again, this time not for having a baby but because they were fully booked.


Le Pain de France inviting me to take a seat.


Le Pain de France breakfast (35aed) I missed kuya all of a sudden, we could’ve shared this meal and both of us would be happy campers, he gets the OJ and bread and I get the coffee, scrambled eggs and salad.

Giving up on my day of leisure I decided to sit down and have a looooooong breakfast until it was time to pick up Adrian from school. I found Le Pain de France. The ambiance was conducive to what I needed – good food and some peace and quiet. I’m happy I brought my laptop along so waiting for Adrian was not so hard.

Until next week for another installment of my mommy day adventures.



In closing, I had a wonderful, peaceful breakfast (Aden was well behaved, as if he knew mommy needed it so much!) And hubby even volunteered to take care of chubbers here so that I can get that overdue pedicure! Happy weekend everyone!

P.S. special shout out to mymommyology for keeping me company during the traffic. Appreciate it!