Anything you can do I can do … better???

Gone are the days that we stereotype certain activities for only men or for only women. Nowadays women can do almost everything a man can do and vice versa. This is true in our house, my husband can do the dishes, clean up and takes care of our boys. These being “women’s only” chores don’t bother him at all. But as for me there are still some chores or responsibilities that I rely on him to do like taking care of the car  – I don’t understand any of it and I refuse to learn it.

But last week I braved myself and took on this “husband” chore. I brought the car to have it serviced. Now I know this sounds very minor but I was very afraid that they might treat me like a gullible woman (that I am) and start to offer me services done to my car that is not necessary and cost me more than what I was supposed to spend. I guess you can say it is my fear of the unknown that is disabling me to do it.

Turns out it’s as simple as 1-2-3. You park the car go to the desk and there is already a list of services that has to be done to your car according to the KM your car has so you hand them your keys, get a cup of coffee while you wait for them to do their job. When your car is ready they come up to you and you pay your bill and drive off. I must admit it was a relaxing morning which I haven’t had in a while.

It was so simple I didn’t know what I was afraid of and why I’ve never done it before. I remember the last time we had to have my car serviced, my husband and I had to go to a lot of trouble we had to change cars (which means move the car seats), and because he had to go to work he left the car at the service centre and took a taxi to work, then I had to pick him up at the office and we drove to the service center after work (mind you all this activity we had the kids with us). Now I know I can do it myself I’m actually excited about the next time.

I guess this is just one more thing that men do that women can do too (in my book). Now if only men can be good in directions and be right most of the times then we’d truly be equal. hehe


coffee shop inside the TOYOTA showroom


he enjoyed playing with all the sugar and cream on the table while we were waiting (no relation to the post hehe)


Getting some cuzin love


multiple selfies

Last week my cousin Tanya was here in Dubai for work. She’s the only relative I have that I get to see more than once a year (when her schedule permits it). I look forward to these visits because although it may be short it’s always sweet. She also happens to love sweets so dessert is always on our agenda. I’ve always loved conversations with Tan because I feel like she’s my only cousin who can relate to me the most – we’re both married, with children and both living away from our family.

Because of her work she gets to go around visiting all our relatives around the world. This may well be a blessing or a curse for she has become our official courier of sorts. Sending simple tokens to relatives in the US to me or to the Philippines and vice versa. Thanks for bringing the sweets from US Tan and for always bringing something for the boys. Until next time!




Tan reading with Adrian his new book

Emirates Park Zoo

Looks like I’m on my way to visiting and writing about every zoo in the UAE. This weekend we went to the Emirates Park Zoo in Abu Dhabi.


My boys at the front entrance of the zoo


baby goats “kids” were freely walking around the grounds

A little background, my 3-year-old absolutely loves animals. That’s the main reason we go around everywhere visiting different zoos. His sweet little face just lights up as soon as we enter the premises. I remember when he was smaller he showed no fear of them at all. He would get as close as he can to try to touch them or feed them even if they look scary to me (fear is subjective isn’t it?) but during this particular trip I can feel that there was little fear in his eyes when he got too close to some of them. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing it just makes me realize that he’s losing a bit of his childhood innocence. The one where he thinks everyone and everything in this world is safe and that nothing in this world can harm him. This makes me feel a bit sad because my first baby is growing up.

Emirates Park Zoo is not as big as compared to Al Ain Zoo, the animals here are in smaller quarters and closer to each other. which means there was less walking for me.


My baby Aden with the Donkey

Another milestone I should note for my future reference is, my baby Aden is getting more comfortable in his stroller now. Up until now he always wanted to be carried by me (and only me) around. But lately, he doesn’t mind staying in his stroller with a soft toy or something to play with or even being carried by daddy. (They’re growing up soooooo fast!!!)

Aside from the small area to walk on at the Emirates Zoo, I also liked how they divided the area into aquatic animals, predators, amphibians, etc. it made it easy for us to visit each area and move around in an organized way. I was excited to find out that the zoo also offers guests to rent a chalet you can stay overnight or longer. I initially loved this idea because let’s face it, how cool would it be to sleep in the zoo with all the animals just outside your door. My Adrian would be over the moon about this. But my husband brought it to my attention that it might not smell so good inside and outside the room because of all the animals outside. The animal enclosures are literally just outside the hotel room doors the smell of their manure will surely travel far and wide. Around the zoo there are also a number of mini restaurants you can relax and have a seat at. I like this very much because it enabled me to sit and rest my feet while Adrian ogled and talked to some of the animals. With the other zoos we’ve visited there are very limited seating that it’s always full of people resting their weary feet because of all the walking. I specifically loved one that was named “Giraffe Cafe” which has a big open window to the giraffe enclosure that enables them to poke their heads in and eat out of our plates or you can also feed them some leaves you can buy at the front entrance to feed the giraffes.


Giraffe Cafe, where you can sit and have a coffee and the Giraffes just poke their head into the dining area


one of the open dining areas where you everybody is welcome to sit and stare at the animals in their enclosure


My husband loved the “kid” so much he wanted to bring it home with us


The first and only albino camel I’ve ever seem


Adrian hanging out with the monkeys



the very friendly camel that gets too close for my comfort


Adrian just loves going to the zoo

Mommy Problems

I thought I’d join the bandwagon and write something about #problems there are so many out there now, there are #sosyproblems #donyaproblems #collegeproblems #singlegirlproblems and many more feel free to check on twitter on any of these hashtags, some are a good read and sometimes relatable.

When I was single and child free my daily problems were mostly about my weight, my looks, where to go, how to spend my weekend, which shoes or bags to buy, and when to meet up with friends just to name a few.

But now that I am a mom, I still have issues about my weight but it seems that my problems have taken a back seat to my children’s needs – Mommy problems.

Here I am at 1:03am not being able to sleep because I’m constantly worrying about my children. One more than the other this particular evening (or morning) for my son Adrian is sick. It started this afternoon after school and although he’s been sleeping well (thanks to ADOL) I on the other hand have not…Being the light sleeper that I am, I jump with just a small sound of discomfort and immediately check what’s wrong with him. This resulting to him waking up and causing great discomfort to my husband because I keep asking him to feel Adrian’s forehead and tell me if he thinks he’s going into a convulsion, the latter resulting from my over active imagination and many visits to WEB MD.

But these quiet early morning shifts leads me to reflect on my life and discover how much I’ve changed in just about 4 years. Me problems seem irrelevant now and mommy problems are my main focus.

From breakfast to baths, to school runs, to snack, to play school, to lunch, to reading, to writing, to keeping them warm, to keeping them cool, to keeping them happy, to story telling, up until bedtime these are the “problems” I meet. No one put a gun to my head and told me to do this but to be honest with you I would choose these problems over any problems any day.

a lesson on Tactlessness

Tactless is defined as:

lacking or showing a lack of what is fitting and considerate in dealing with others.


Living abroad for almost a decade now I’ve grown accustomed to the politeness and courteous ways that people treat each other. A friendly nod to a complete stranger in the supermarket, a polite good morning to your neighbor on the elevator, people helping others with no hidden agenda and so much more pleasantries are all part of our daily day.

Just having come from our vacation from Manila, I tried to keep up this courteous behavior everywhere we went which lead to people looking at me like I was crazy for smiling at them or by just being nice.

What affected me the most was that  I couldn’t believe it how people can still be so tactless. It’s a very Filipino culture to greet people with a very heartwarming “ang taba mo” (you look fat).  I grew up with this tastelessness  all my life resulting in me having so much insecurities about my body.

Now that I am a parent and fully aware that my words, actions and reactions can damage my son’s life permanently I am very careful with what I say to them and always making sure to check myself that I only give them praises and positive feedback to give them the confidence that they need.

I hope that in this small way I will begin to breed a new generation of Filipinos who are polite and courteous to others. I sure hope my  future daughter in law appreciates me for it.

Found this tweet on Twitter:

OCMominManila @OCMominManila

pero ikaw tactless

I identified with the tweet so much, it was nice to know that I was not alone in this world.

Random Acts of Kindness

My faith in the human race has been restored.

Earlier today, I was carrying a baby in one arm, hauling my grocery trolley on the other hand, and tucked 2 sets of play mats under one arm. I knew I was way over my head when just walking 2 feet away from the car everything fell to the ground, well except the baby (haha!). Three people walked by me and did not even bother to look at me. I wasn’t surprised because as you can tell, I have lost all faith in strangers helping strangers.

At the corner of my eye I saw my next door neighbor go up the stairs to our building, I did not think of it but then, the next thing I knew she was standing behind me offering to help. I was so surprised by this random act of kindness I was actually speechless. I even felt a bit guilty because she seemed to know some things about me like I have a son who goes to school and that my baby should be one by now, when I knew nothing about her.

It just goes to show you that I am living in my own little bubble that I neglect to make friends with people living in my building. This incident has made me appreciate the kindness of strangers and that they still do exist in this world. Now, all I have to do is pay it forward.

Found this online and I thought it was proper to share it with this post.

P.S. Thank you again to my neighbor in apt no. 405 – I’m sure she doesn’t read my blog but she’s my personal hero today and I honor her. 

Back to regular programming

After almost two weeks of no blogging I’m finally back!

Our 2 weeks stint in Manila was short and sweet. Too short in fact that I couldn’t find any time to write… also I couldn’t find any decent wi-fi, for that matter. And so now that we are back home, I’m getting that itch to write again.

Aside from my writing, we are also slowly going back to our regular routine. Our life here is so routine and scheduled that I had so much difficulty coping during our 2 weeks in Manila. Our plans would change with a simple text or call that I always had to be on my toes. My husband always had to remind me that we were on vacation and that everything wasn’t suppose to be scheduled but I just couldn’t help myself – sorry.

We arrived Dubai on a Friday, Saturday was an extra day to sleep in and unpack and today sunday, Adrian, my eldest, went back to school. Arnie is still on leave so Aden and I didn’t mind the extra company during our morning school run after dropping Adrian to school, the three of us had a very nice breakfast. It was quite relaxing having to take care of only one child for the morning (with extra help pa! (Arnie))


Our Unico Hijo for the morning

Tomorrow, everything will be back to normal but I’m thankful that we had time to ease into our adjustment slowly and the kids were not a problem with the transition as I was dreading before this whole trip began.